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Volkswagen Has Plans to Ease Buyers into EVs with Mild Hybrids

November 29, 2017

Volkswagen is always talking about the new electric vehicles that it’s going to be launching over the next decade, but while full transformations are very exciting, they aren’t always the most practical change. On top of working hard to put together world class EVs for car drivers around the world, Volkswagen is also putting together efforts for more slight transitions toward renewable energy sources with mild hybrids. These vehicles would rely on 48V electrical systems, and maybe rely on Bio and synthetic fuel sources healthier than oil, petrol and diesel that’s relied upon today. These slight changes are the type of thing that more buyers would probably adopt right now, because they’re minor enough for them to be comfortable.

Mild EV Features

Volkswagen is considering building a small backup battery into the vehicle that would drive a very compact motor that puts out around 35bhp overall. That little motor would be used to add torque into the everyday driving of the vehicle, and to do things like work to recover energy that’s typically lost during braking. The system would enable regenerative braking, which saves brake pads and helps extend the vehicle’s driving range. Getting some independent power out to the rear axle of the vehicle could also provide some mild all-wheel drive benefits during slippery conditions. That means these vehicles would be more dependable in poor-weather driving conditions as well.

Advanced Fuel Features

On top of working on hybrid features that Volkswagen is slowly rolling out in vehicles in the UK at the moment, the automaker is also looking into making cars that run on other fuel types. The automaker is developing a vehicle that can run on both compressed natural gas as well as standard gasoline. This vehicle would work just fine under most conditions that you find, giving you the choice of what sort of fuel you want to rely on to get around no matter where you are.

With these mild hybrid and fuel advancements Volkswagen can make its vehicles more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly in a slight way that makes a notable impact over time. The changes will be small enough for most people to take on the vehicles comfortably, and when coupled with drivetrain enhancements like the automakers new more efficient 7-speed dual clutch gearbox, you can get some very reliable fuel-efficient vehicles from Volkswagen.

Volkswagen is heading in the right direction, because most auto buyers today want something more efficient and environmentally friendly. By working on dramatic changes like Full EVs and also focusing on mild hybrid and dual fuel setups, the automaker is hitting all sides of the market at the same time, which just seems like good planning.


Volkswagen Takes the International Pick-Up Award for 2018

November 22, 2017

Volkswagen enthusiasts have been buzzing over the idea that Volkswagen might bring trucks to the US market once again, and with major success with the international Volkswagen Amarok, it seems that Volkswagen is seriously onto something. Even though the Amarok is very different compared to the truck models that do well here in the states, the truck’s success in other countries is a sign that Volkswagen understands how to make rock solid trucks that you can depend on to get the job done. As proof of this Volkswagen managed to grab the IPUA 2018 awards, or the International Pick-up Award in 2018 for the Amarok. That’s a very prestigious award and it shows Volkswagen knows how to build a truck.

Winning the Award

The Volkswagen team had this to say about winning the award.

“We are very grateful to have received the IPUA 2018 and feel honoured by the decision of the international expert jury. With the new Amarok, we’ve once again listened to what customers want and been able to achieve more power, more torque and also better capability for deployment on any terrain. This is more than just pure luxury and lifestyle,”

The pickup truck was praised for it’s excellent mix of fun features and work features that make it a pure joy to use for daily work tasks. The front seats of the truck were adorned with the AGR logo showing that they were approved by the German Healthy Backs Society as seats you could sit in comfortably for an extended period of time. The inside of the truck was designed carefully with quality materials and designed to be as spacious as possible. The Double Cab model of the vehicle has room for five to sit comfortably, and a bunch of finishing touches help make it look like a top-class interior that stands out for style and comfort.

A Real Honor

The IPUA is a serious honor to win because it’s only given out once every 2 to 3 years. That means out of all the models that came out over that period, the Volkswagen Amarok came out ahead the rest. That means that Volkswagen really understands how to build a quality truck that impresses some of the harshest critics. With that in mind, it only makes sense that the automaker would try to bring the vehicle over to the United States to win the customers here as well. There’s no announcement that Volkswagen has plans to do this, but the automaker could grab up some more market share by doing so.

Volkswagen has a clear grasp of how to build a quality vehicle that’s rugged, and even if the automaker doesn’t start bringing trucks to the US, we’re sure to see many of the same rugged features that won over the hearts of international markets in the SUVs that are soon to be released here in the states.

Volkswagen Considers a Retro EV Beetle Model

November 15, 2017

There were plenty of hippies, hippsters and just history-loving car buffs exciting for the release of the electric microbus, and now Volkswagen has another exciting plan to announce on top of that. There’s going to be another history-based electric vehicle release as well, and it’s going to be built around the Beetle. This retro EV will be a modern-day Beetle in some respects, because it will look more modern and come equipped with modern day tech goodies that you’ve probably come to rely on, but it’s going to be rear-wheel drive just like the original models. That’s a pretty cool mix, even before you consider that it’s going to run on electric power, at least somewhat.

Storage Up Front

Volkswagen isn’t guaranteeing that they are going to release an EV Beetle, but if they do, it’s going to have tons of storage space up front just like the original models did. That’s because the full powertrain will be behind the rear axle of the vehicle, just like with the originals. Since all the power would come from the back, that leaves the front wide open for storage possibilities. Imagine packing all your family groceries under what is seemingly the hood of the vehicle, or getting ready for a multi-day trip with your EV, and slipping all your gear into the front of the car for a fun extended electric drive with plenty of stops along the way. There’s a very cool retro factor with the up-front storage that would get many people excited about owning an EV Beetle, and it’s a genius idea that Volkswagen just might launch in time if the Microbus concept does well enough.

The Concept Has a Good Chance at Life

Herbert Diess, Brand Chief at Volkswagen talks about a desire to release an EV retro Beetle, and he was also very into the idea of an EV Microbus. The positive support for this retro version of Volkswagen’s most iconic vehicle arguably just seems right. It’s something that people could get very excited about, it would be a cool showcase of electric power and it’s something that collectors might want to get their hands on as well.

We sincerely hope that Volkswagen goes ahead with an electric Beetle model themed after the retro Beetles, because it’s just plain cool.

The 2018 Golf Lineup is Versatile Enough for Everyone

November 8, 2017

There are few vehicles available today as versatile as the Volkswagen Golf lineup, which is why it’s one of the most widely owned vehicles today. It doesn’t matter if you’re a rugged outdoorsman, a family man, a single 20-something adrenaline junky looking for a little sporty model, or the casual commuter looking for something fuel-efficient. The Golf lineup can meet every single one of these needs and more, and that’s what makes them so special. If you’re a Volkswagen fan, there’s a good chance that you’ve at least looked at one of the different Golf vehicles. Today we’re going to break down the different models and explain their strengths and weaknesses. There’s a lot to like about each one, but only one is going to be the right fit for your particular needs.

The Commuter Wagon

The 2018 VW Golf Sportswagen is a rock-solid outdoor performer that’s designed to carry a whole bunch of stuff around. Sure it doesn’t have the rugged enhancements like the Alltrack does, but it packs in enough cargo space to easily get your camping gear out to your favorite spot. This five-door hatch is sleek, it’s efficient and it rides really smoothly on standard roads. It’s the Golf for families that want space and don’t plan to off-road too much.

The Rugged Performer

Much like the Sportswagen, the 2018 Golf Alltrack is a spacious wagon, unlike the Alltrack, this baby is meant to go off-roading. It’s built with plenty of cargo room, but it’s also lifted and sports all-wheel drive. It’s designed to offer smooth performance over rough terrain, and you’ll enjoy taking it through tough courses. When you want to go camping in an area that’s off the beaten path a bit, this is the Golf that you want taking you there.

Little Sporty Commuter

When you’re after a fun little commuter that’s relatively efficient, but still practical, the 2018 Golf GTI is a good option. It’s slightly more powerful with an additional 10 HP, but largely it’s the base Golf. It’s compact, it feels good to drive, it’s affordable and fun.

The Performance Golf

All you adrenaline junkies out there can still have fun with a Golf. As long as that Golf is the 2018 Volkswagen Golf R. This baby comes packed with 292 HP and it really goes when you stomp the pedal. This car is a whole lot of fun to use, and it comes with a suspension that keeps things smooth at speed.

No matter what you want your Golf to do, you can probably get performance that you enjoy from one of the 2018 models. Give them a look, test drive a few and try to pick the one that fits your driving style!

Volkswagen Wows in Paris with Exciting I.D. Concept

October 10, 2017

Volkswagen did a lot of talking about its new EV vehicle and its plans to release a bunch of electric vehicles in the future, and at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, the automaker delivered on those boasts a bit with its I.D. concept. The futuristic vehicle certainly showed that Volkswagen has good design sense, but so far it’s just a concept. Volkswagen is making pretty big claims around the vehicle, and if the car ends up meeting its predicted range it’s going to be a really exciting entry into the market and well worth picking up for anyone interested in buying an EV.

A Stunning Range

With electric vehicles traveling less than 100 miles in most instances currently, it’s really impressive when you see claims such as 300+ miles for a new vehicle. That’s exactly what Volkswagen is claiming with the I.D. concept car. It isn’t set to be released until 2020, but the automaker says when it is, it should have a top range of between 200 and 370 miles. If that top-end prediction ends up being correct, the vehicle could be something that would meet the needs of nearly everyone. Whether you’re commuting to work or taking a long-distance trip to a relatives, the car should be able to handle the trip without issue, and that’s pretty darned exciting.

Come at a Golf Cost

When the I.D. does finally get released to the public, in 2020, or around that time, the vehicle is expected to retail in the same price range as the Golf does now. That seems like a really reasonable cost for a futuristic full-electric vehicle.

A Futuristic Look

The Volkswagen I.D. has a really futuristic look thanks to a few key features. It comes with plenty of LED lights and under lighting to give it that futuristic glow, but the car also has a long and sleek design, rear sliding doors, and of course upscale wheels that look like they are straight out of a TRON film. The car looks like a Golf from the year 2050, and it’s something that I wouldn’t mind seeing rolling around the road in the near future.

Automated Driving 

The Volkswagen I.D. is also expected to offer automated driving features in the future, though it won’t come with them on its release. Instead, the automated features are expected to be offered around 2025 for those interested in that. That means tat you could hop into your full electric vehicle and simply tell it where you want to go. The vehicle would then speed off and take you to your destination. That’s a pretty exciting idea that I’m sure plenty of car owners could get behind.

There’s no telling if the VW I.D. is going to be released on 2020 like they said it will, but if it is, and it meets all the expectations around it, it will be a pretty cool little vehicle.

Reviewing the 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan: Is Bigger Better?

October 4, 2017

That’s right, the latest Volkswagen Tiguan is now out and available for testing, and it’s time to weigh in on whether or not the latest model is actually an upgrade over its predecessor. The first thing you’ll notice about this SUV is that it’s a whole lot larger than it used to be, but is that a good thing? It’s tough to decide right off the bat of the increased size is good or bad, and I’ll delve into all the details that come with that size change. There are also some media enhancements, changes to the interior and overall improvements to the model that deserve a mention as well, so let’s get right into it.

Is Bigger Better?

The new Tiguan is no longer like a RAV4 when it comes to size. It’s much more like the bigger brother the Highlander. That’s because it has a longer wheelbase by 7.3 inches. The total length of the Tiguan is upsized by around 10.6 inches as well, which might not sound like a lot, but is huge in the car world. These size changes add extra weight onto the Tiguan, which can make it feel a bit more sluggish, but they were made for good reason, to bring buyers added seating capacity and storage. That’s right, if you pick up the 2018 Tiguan you can have it with a third row and seating for 7. That’s great news if you have a large family and you couldn’t purchase the Tiguan before. It’s important to note that that third row is pretty cramped. You won’t be lounging in luxury at the back of the SUV, and you’ll probably want to stick to hauling children around using the rearmost portion of the SUV, but it’s nice to have the option anyway.

Performance and Handling Concerns

With the larger size of the Tiguan comes some performance concerns, and they are warranted. It gains around 373 lbs of added weight, and that’s going to take away from acceleration a bit. The Tiguan comes with a turbo-four engine and can put out enough power for you to drive comfortably, but it never really feels fast either. It comes packed with a very intelligent and capable eight-speed automatic transmission that takes the limited power the engine offers and makes the most of it. With short gearing and careful power distribution the Tiguan can get up to 60 from a standstill in around 8.6 seconds according to MotorTrend tests. That’s not lightning quick, but it’s very respectable for a mid-sized SUV. This makes it a good solid daily driver.

Excellent Off-Road Handling with All Wheel

The 2018 Tiguan can be equipped with all-wheel drive, but it’s not a mandatory enhancement. You have to get it as an added option and pay extra for it. When you opt for 4Motion All-Wheel drive, you get a much more capable SUV overall. It handles in tough driving conditions beautifully, and will help you get around through snow, dirt, sand or whatever you happen to be driving through without as much slippage. There are different driving modes to choose from, but the SUV seems to handle pretty well regardless of the mode that you have it set to.

Stylish Interior

While Volkswagen couldn’t deck out the Tiguan with lavish materials, the automaker did a good job making it look refined and almost luxurious using plastics and other low-cost materials. The inside of the Tiguan has a nice put-together quality to it, even if the seats aren’t quite as plush and the lumbar support isn’t as good as it is on more high-end vehicles. The overall result is a stylish interior and a vehicle that you’ll be happy to show off to friends and family members.

Excellent Multimedia

The SUV packs in features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support into its refined media console. The Media center looks very nice and is simple to use, and it’s a nice improvement over the outgoing model. If you value media and want enhanced connectivity through your smartphone and other Bluetooth devices, you’ll love how advanced the media system is in the 2018 Tiguan.

Overall the bigger Tiguan is an improvement over the 2017 model. It offers driving dynamics that are very similar, though it’s slightly more sluggish this isn’t something that most drivers are likely to notice. The Tiguan is now an option for those with larger families and it’s a decent improvement over some of the other large options on the market today.

Volkswagen Expands its Warranties for 2018 Model Year Vehicles

September 27, 2017

In an effort to make Volkswagen vehicles into an even better value than they already are, and to help the company gain more market share in the United States, Volkswagen is revamping the warranty offerings on its 2018 vehicles. The warranties are to be made more comprehensive and longer than before, and they’re beating out many of the other automakers on the market today. That’s exciting news for Volkswagen fans that have their eyes on the 2018 model lineup.

New and Improved Warranties

Volkswagen intends to offer 6-year 72,000 mile warranties on much of its 2018 lineup. That’s almost double what many of the other manufacturers are offering currently. That’s a huge step in the right direction and it will give buyers one more reason to head over to a Volkswagen dealership. This warranty offer is going to be available on every single one of Volkswagen’s 2018 model lineup, other than the e-Golf that’s getting even better protection.

Exceptional e-Golf Warranty

The Volkswagen e-Golf is quickly becoming the car to buy if you’re interested in an EV in the U.S. and it’s exciting to see that the car is getting its own warranty upgrade. The 2018 e-Golf will come with an eight-year 100,000 mile warranty including battery coverage. That’s an exceptional warranty that will make owning the car a no-brainer if you want an EV that offers a decent driving range.

The Warranty Stays with the Vehicle

Another nice feature of these now longer warranties is that Volkswagen states they will transfer with the vehicle as long as they have life left. That means if you plan on selling the car a few years after purchasing it, you’ll have that warranty to offer the next buyer.

More Vehicle Offerings in the Future

Not only did Volkswagen pledge to make better warranties available to its buyers, but the automaker also has plans to release two new vehicle models each year for the coming years. The leaders already announced that they would come out with an all-new Jetta in 2018, and there are many more new models to come as well.

Volkswagen is working hard to develop more compelling vehicles and to offer better deals to its customers and the new changes are sure to help bring new customers to Volkswagen for the first time. It’s hard to pass up a vehicle that’s covered for six years after all.