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Why the 2017 Volkswagen eGolf is the Practical EV

May 3, 2017

Electric vehicles are still new and exciting, and while many people would like to own one at some point, most don’t believe that they can actually afford to do so right now. That might be true when looking at luxury EVs like the Tesla Roadster or the Model S, but that’s not necessarily true with more practical vehicles like the Volkswagen e-Golf. Sure it might not be as exciting, or as heavily covered by the media, but it drives around on electricity alone, it has a decent range and it’s a good solid option for the practical among us, or the people that want an EV without an outrageous price tag attached.

It’s Pretty Affordable

The e-Golf is an affordable vehicle in a few different ways. The first is the cost to purchase it. You should expect to pay near $30,000 without any tax credits, but the price drops down in the low 20’s with the Federal tax credit applied. That makes the car just about as affordable as most other cars that you can buy today, and it will save you even more down the road as well. Drivers in states with affordable electric prices should expect to cut their annual travel costs nicely. If you paid about $0.13 per kw of electricity at home, you would spend $550 driving an average number of miles each year. That’s likely less than you spend right not if you drive the average amount with your current vehicles. Not to mention that you’ll cut down on maintenance costs with no oil change and fewer brake jobs needed. Overall the e-Golf might actually save you some money while helping the environment.

Good Solid Handling

You won’t confuse the 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf with any sports car that you’ve been in, but you might not realize that you’re driving an electric vehicle either. It’s quick and peppy from a standstill, especially at the lowest speed range that you’d experience around town. The car can travel from 0 to 60 in 9.6 seconds, and it’s light on its feet even when you take it out onto the highway.

Helping the Environment

Let’s not forget that operating an EV is better for the environment. Using an electric vehicle on a daily basis will help keep pollutants out of the air in your local community, and things will only improve as more power companies switch to using renewables to generate their power. Some EV owners are coupling their car with solar panels at home for increased savings and more environmental benefits as well.

The e-Golf isn’t the right car for everyone, and it isn’t even the right EV for everyone, but it’s one of the most practical options currently, and if you’re looking for an EV right now, it’s the vehicle to buy.

Volkswagen Working on Serious Innovations

April 26, 2017

Volkswagen understands the importance of innovation and with its recent focus moved from diesel to more alternative-fuel technologies, the automaker is hard at work trying to figure out new ways to innovate and become more efficient and modern. One way that Volkswagen is doing so is by developing new and effective engines and electrical systems to make efficient and revolutionary vehicles for the future. From coasting engines, to improved EV technology, to natural gas vehicles, Volkswagen is making some serious changes in the future.

The Engine that Coasts

While driving around using internal combustion engines we waste a whole lot of fuel for no reason. The entire time that the engine is idling, it’s burning fuel that isn’t doing anything at all. That’s a serious opportunity for automakers to make more efficient vehicles, and that’s exactly what Volkswagen is trying to capitalize on with its new coasting engine. This powerful engine will offer more efficient operating during standard driving conditions thanks to a DSG gearbox.

Essentially the vehicle can coast with the engine entirely deactivated during standard driving operations for short periods of time. The system will mechanically keep the vehicle going for quite a bit, and there’s a very small hybrid setup that provides 12V power to the electrical systems throughout the vehicle to keep them functioning when the engine is off. That means you’ll still be able to listen to the radio, see computer readouts, use your lights and everything else when the engine is shut off, without putting strain on the standard battery of the vehicle. The engine is known as the new Golf TSI BlueMotion and it’s a pretty cool setup that will likely find its way into a bunch of Volkswagen vehicles eventually, making them all more efficient in the process.

More Effective EV System

Volkswagen has committed itself to making heavy use of electric vehicles in the future, and in order to accomplish that the automaker is working hard to upgrade the EVs that it currently has. That means developing more effective batteries and powertrain setups than before. The latest upgrade to the Volkswagen eGolf is a pretty positive indication that Volkswagen is moving in the right direction. The vehicle features a denser and more capable battery that offers an extended range of over 100 miles on a charge. It also offers a more powerful motor that accelerates notably quicker, leaving you with a more exciting ride overall. These things together will make the eGolf more enjoyable to own, and create technology that Volkswagen can build on in the future as well.

Natural Gas Solutions

Natural gas is a technology that hasn’t been used much in vehicles up until now, but it has potential. It’s tech that can be used with fossil fuels more effectively than gasoline or diesel, and it can also be created from more sustainable fuel sources like biomethane. Natural gas is a good way to cut down emissions right away, and it’s a tool that can be put into place without too much work by automakers. Volkswagen is seriously looking at the tech as a way to power its vehicles and a way to cut down on emissions overall.

Each of these enhancements is just one more way that Volkswagen can stay competitive and move toward more sustainable vehicles, and each is pretty exciting from a consumer standpoint because they will lead to more effective vehicles over time.

Volkswagen to Release Another Crossover after the Atlas

April 18, 2017

By now most people have heard about the new Volkswagen Atlas 7 seater SUV, but few people know that Volkswagen is going to come out with another SUV after the Atlas. That’s right, Volkswagen intends to make the most of the growing SUV trend in America, and put out another SUV to expand its lineup some more. It will make it easier for customers to get exactly the type of SUV that they want. It’s going to be a slightly smaller SUV offering built on the MQB platform.

Based on the Cross Coupe Concept

A few years ago Volkswagen released a series of SUV concepts known as the Cross Coupe concepts. They were modern SUVs with a low profile that many people like. The next SUV after the Atlas by Volkswagen is going to be the production version of those Cross Coupe concepts. The final product should be a pretty stylish SUV that makes a nice addition to the Volkswagen lineup of vehicles. The outside of the vehicle has a long boxy shape with modern trapezoid rear rights and LED bulbs.

The Reliable MQB Platform

The next SUV after the Atlas will be based on the MQB platform as well along with the Atlas and a handful of other prominent VW vehicles. That should help the SUV be reliable and functional at the same time.

A Focus on Family-Friendly Vehicles

Up until now Volkswagen has put a strong focus on selling cars. That’s all about to change though according to the car company. They have plans to focus on larger vehicles and create a more family-centric brand. That means that you can expect a larger lineup of big vehicles, and vehicles that are less worried about performance and looking cool, and more worried about functionality and cool features that families are going to love.

Even though Volkswagen is trying to make a family-friendly shift, it’s likely that the automaker will still continue putting out tech-rich vehicles that offer good looks and performance, they’ll just have something for larger families to get excited about too, and that’s a good move for the automaker.  One of the first family-friendly moves that Volkswagen is going to make is offering a 72,000 mile warranty that spans 6 years, for its Tiguan and Atlas line of vehicles. That will help families make the most of their vehicles without worrying about potential mechanical problems during that period.

There’s no word on when the second SUV is going to be released to the public, but the Atlas is coming in May or early April to most dealerships.

The Modern Volkswagen Atlas Offers an Excellent Blend of Performance and Features

April 12, 2017

Volkswagen has long been a brand that focuses on sedans and more performance-focused handling. That’s not the direction the automaker wants to head in any longer though. Volkswagen is pledging to offer more family-friendly vehicles and features, and that’s exactly why its begun offering the large Atlas crossover. It’s a modern 7-seater that offers the space necessary for larger families to sit comfortably while taking trips and doing daily activities.

Starting with the V6

When the Atlas is first launched this spring it will come standard with a V6 engine, but later on in fall it will be possible to obtain the SUV with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine if you’re looking for something more economical.

Standard Power and Towing

When you pick up a V6 model of the Atlas it offers 235 HP and 258 lb.-ft. of torque and a towing rating of 2,000 pounds when loaded up with standard options, a factory hitch and All Wheel Drive. That’s nothing crazy, but it does mean you’ll be able to pull a trailer with the SUV without a problem, as long as you don’t load it up too heavily.

Built on a Solid Foundation

The MQB platform as just recently put together by Volkswagen for use on many of its newer vehicles. It’s a flexible building platform that will be used for both small and large vehicles from the automaker. The Atlas is built on this platform and it gives the mid-sized crossover a very solid feel. Thanks to the platform the SUV is constructed on, it just feels solid and handles well. That means you get responsive steering, as well as a smooth ride that maintains composure over bumps and ruts.

Not Powerful but Adequate

The Atlas isn’t going to be mistaken for a Porsche Macan anytime soon, but it offers enough power and performance to make the average everyday driver happy. It takes a bit of patience to go from 0 to 60, but overall the SUV feels very capable, doesn’t seem sluggish in the least and is a lot of fun to tool around in.

Smooth Transmission

The 8-speed automatic transmission that the Atlas comes with as standard is worth a mention. It’s incredibly smooth and capable and offers a better driving experience than the 6-speed autos that come with many other SUVs and crossovers on the market today.

A Massive Interior

If you are thinking of getting a crossover because you want more interior space when driving around, the Atlas is worth the investment. It’s huge on the inside, especially for people in the first two rows. The crossover offers a comfortable amount of headroom with 41.3 inches up front, 40.4 in the middle and 38.3 inches at the back. It’s a little tight when it comes to legroom, but adults can ride in the first two rows comfortably, while the third row is better for children. Décor in the Atlas isn’t amazing, but it does look nice and streamlined and you won’t be disappointed with its appearance, you just won’t confuse it with a high-end luxury SUV either.

Overall the Volkswagen Atlas is a good solid option for families that don’t fit comfortably in a sedan. It offers the space, it offers good handling, a smooth ride, decent styling and most of the tech features that you would want out of a modern vehicle.

The VW Golf Gets Best Small Car Title in 2017

April 6, 2017

There’s something special about compact cars that people really enjoy. Sure they aren’t for everyone, but the cars have a major following, and people are always looking hard for the very best compact. If You’re one of those people, you should sit down and take note of the 2017 Golf lineup. These cars have been making headlines recently, and for good reason. They offer a great deal of value and capability for the price. That’s exactly why the 2017 Golf took New York Daily News Auto’s title of Best Small Car in 2017. It’s a pretty major award, and something that any automaker should be excited about. A great deal of research and review went into this process, showing just why the Golf is such a high value vehicle.

Deciding on the Car

Deciding on the car to receive this prestigious award was not a simple feat. Vehicles in over 16 different categories were reviewed, and in each of those categories a set of 8 different journalists looked closely at a list of vehicles and what each of them has to offer. The Volkswagen Golf lineup managed to best all the other compact car options available, and for good reason. It’s highly efficient and packed with features and performance that you simply won’t see in other vehicles.

What the Golf has Going for it

One of the first things that you’ll notice about the Golf lineup is that there is a lot of options to choose from. With so many different types of Golf vehicles, including a standard compact sedan, a hatchback, a hot hatch and a fully-electric vehicle, you can get pretty much whatever you want out of a compact vehicle when you go for a Golf.

The vehicle comes standard with a turbo-charged four-cylinder engine that starts at 170 HP and 199 lb.-ft. of torque and goes up from there. That’s a lot of power for a compact car, which is why it’s so much fun to drive around. Even though the 2017 Golf offers that power level, it still manages around 25 MPG in the city and up to 36 MPG on the highway in its base form. It’s quick and efficient. Finally you have to consider the interior of the Golf. It’s well-appointed with more soft-touch materials and tech than what you’d find in most entry-level compact cars. It feels more luxurious and is very comfortable to drive around. That’s something you simply don’t get from many other compact vehicles.

The Volkswagen Golf is a very capable compact car option if you’re in the market for such a thing. There are many reasons to love the Golf, which is exactly why it’s been voted the best compact car of the year.

2017 Changes and Improvements for Volkswagen

March 24, 2017

2017 is a good year for Volkswagen with quite a few improvements and changes to the lineup. If you’re thinking about getting a new VW this year there are improvements to be enjoyed on much of the lineup. Below is an overview of the major changes and what changes are expected in 2018 as well.

The Volkswagen Beetle

If you’re a Beetle fan you have a few minor changes to consider before buying one of these vehicles. All the 1.8T engine models come with more aggressive bumpers that look nice. There’s also a special pink Beetle that’s a limited-edition product.

The Volkswagen Passat

Out of many of the vehicles Volkswagen offers, the Passat is receiving some of the most notable changes. Additional safety features like a forward collision warning system, and automatic braking are becoming standard on all the Passat vehicles. The R-Line version of the Passat is also receiving additional features to make it a more desirable vehicle.

The Volkswagen Golf

The VW Golf is also benefiting from a whole host of changes in 2017, particularly the e-Golf. The e-Golf is getting a range enhancement so you can drive farther, and it is also receiving a power increase to make it more capable than ever before. It’s exciting to drive around and the changes are pretty major. Serious e-Golf commuters will be able to get more functionality out of the 2017 model.

There’s now a Sport trim level for the Golf GTI as well. It will offer performance enhancing features, and added tech and gadgets at a more affordable price than the top-end trims do.

The VW Tiguan

The Tiguan is set to come with a four-cylinder turbo engine as the standard option, rather than the V6 that many came with before. That should make it more efficient overall. It’s also offered with a Sport and Wolfsburg trim now.

2018 Model Overhauls

2018 is an exciting year for many Volkswagen vehicles because it brings with it complete overhauls for some of the vehicles. The Golf GTI is one of the vehicles that’s getting a significant overhaul in 2018. It will bring with it new features, a new look and probably a bunch of improvements as well. The Touareg is another vehicle that’s supposed to be remodeled for 2018. That’s big news for the SUV and could be just the year to buy a new one if you’re looking for a new mid-sized SUV. The Tiguan is the final vehicle that’s going to be overhauled for 2018, it should receive some major updates worth paying attention to.

Hear the 2017 Passat Roar with the R-Line Edition

March 10, 2017

The Volkswagen Passat is a nice upscale sedan that many families in the US rely on to get them around each year. It has a sporty look and decent performance, but it’s in no way a sports car. It’s not something that you would think about bringing to the track, and in the grand-scheme of things it’s not that fast of a car. That’s fine for most people, but for an enthusiast that wants a bit more out of his vehicles, the standard Passat probably isn’t going to do it. That’s why Volkswagen is releasing the Passat R-Line. It’s a more potent version of the Passat with plenty of power packed under the hood thanks to a turbo-charger. This car handles better, is faster and overall is just more fun to drive around.

Added Power

Thanks to the turbocharger, the Passat R-Line offers 170 HP and about 184 lb.-ft. of torque. It comes packed with a turbo-four and relies on a decent sized air intake in order to push the necessary air to run the unit effectively. This increased power makes the R-Line noticeably faster and more enjoyable to drive around. When you add in the top quality low-lying suspension system, and the highly precise electric-mechanical hybrid steering setup, you get a car that’s a blast to drive around, and that can handle even track driving if you really wanted to take it there.

It’s Affordable

You would think for such performance improvements you would have to pay out significantly for the Passat R-Line, but that’s not really the case. Instead you’ll only pay a small amount more than the base price of the vehicle, and you’ll probably be able to pick up this performance sedan brand-new for less than 25,000. That’s really affordable for a sporty sedan, and it’s probably one of the main reasons that buyers are going to be looking closely at it.

Comfortable Interior

To top it all off this Passat comes with a relatively upscale interior. It’s fitted with leatherette seats that are heated up front. It comes with R-Line badging and a pretty capable 6-speaker media system complete with sat radio, and a USB connection for app support. This sedan feels fully modern and is a pretty comfortable ride that looks luxurious within. There is a lot to like about the Passat R-Line, and if you want to go fast it’s really one of your best options.

If you’re in the market for a new sedan, and you want something that offers more performance than a stock Passat, the R-Line just makes sense. It doesn’t come at a huge premium, it looks and handles nicer than the base Passat, and it’s a joy to drive around. What’s not to like about it?