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The 2018 Golf is Likely to be Revolutionary

October 12, 2016

Volkswagen is working hard to create a more environmentally conscious image, and what better way to do that than by building a compact car that’s much more fuel efficient? That’s exactly what it appears that Volkswagen is doing, and interested buyers are anxiously awaiting the release of the 2018 Golf this November. There aren’t any concrete details about what the vehicle is going to offer to the public, but people expect more efficiency, gesture controls and an improved media setup versus the outgoing model.


2016 Volkswagen Golf

More Efficient Overall

There are rumors that Volkswagen is going to take a really serious approach at making the Golf more fuel efficient. It’s expected to be released with a supercharged 1.0 liter 3-cylinder engine that provides just enough power for enjoyable driving. The engine is expected to get fuel efficiency figures north of 50 MPG and some are hoping for figures as high as 60 MPG. That would be a pretty amazing feat, and something that Toyota is having difficulty achieving with its Prius Hybrid.

Gesture Controls Included

At CES 2015 Volkswagen showed off a slew of gesture controls that were supposed to make hands-free control of the media system and other areas of the vehicle easier. They were advertised as a way to make driving safer and to keep drivers from becoming as distracted. The gesture controls are expected to show up on the 2018 Golf, and should make it possible for drivers to change settings, switch radio stations and adjust a bunch of other areas of the vehicle all with simple body movements picked up by a camera system.

A Larger Media Screen

If you’re at all familiar with the Audi Virtual Cockpit, that’s something that Volkswagen is reportedly trying to go for with the Golf. That would mean a nice big LED touch screen instead of the current button and small screen setup that’s in use. It could give the car a more streamlined look, but there’s no guarantee that such a system is going to be included.

Overall the 2018 Volkswagen Golf looks to be a very exciting vehicle. There are plenty of rumors swirling around the next iteration of Volkswagen’s most popular vehicle, but until November those rumors will only be rumors.

Performance and Class Wrapped in an Offroader: That’s the Golf Alltrack

October 4, 2016

Subaru has long monopolized the all-wheel station wagon niche, but no more! Now Volkswagen has a serious contender in the Golf Alltrack, and this baby has got a lot going for it. The compact station wagon handles beautifully in most driving conditions, it’s a blast to drive, it’s spacious and luxurious as well. Let’s stop messing around and dig right in to why this wagon is worth a test drive.


You Won’t Forget Your First Drive

On the surface the Volkswagen Alltrack is just a family car meant to shuffle around a small family and all their worldly belongings. Once you’re behind the wheel, that façade melts away and you’re lips will curl up at the edges in pleasure as a smile breaks out across your face with every press of the pedal. No it’s not a sports car, and it isn’t meant to be, but it’s one heck of a ride. The Alltrack packs in 170 HP and 190 lb.-ft. of torque. That might not seem like a lot until you consider how compact this little station wagon is. It feels like a whole lot of grunt force when stomping on the accelerator and you’ll have a great time going wherever it is that you happen to be going.

Capable Handling

The Volkswagen Alltrack isn’t one of those vehicles that boasts about being able to take on any weather condition while falling flat in real performance testing. From the moment that you take on a dirt road, a bit of snow or any other poor driving conditions, it’s clear that this vehicles is right in its element. It comes with a range of different driving mode selections, allowing you to custom tailor performance and handling to the current conditions. It also has a powerful all-wheel drive system known as 4Motion all wheel. This VW can put half its power to the rear wheels, providing a true split in power that takes advantage of all the wheels on the car completely.

You’ll feel confident when taking a trip down a dirt road, you’ll be ready to tackle some winter driving conditions, and with the Golf Alltrack you’ll be ready to get out and drive when other people decide to stay home.

A Beautiful Interior

While the focus on the Alltrack is its capability to handle crappy roads with finesse, it’s hard to ignore just how nice it looks on the inside. Volkswagen really went all out to give the car an upscale design, and it makes a big difference. This car looks like a luxury model, comes with comfortable seats that are highly adjustable, and features soft-touch leatherette material throughout. It’s hard to believe that the price of the wagon starts south of $30,000, but it does, making it an excellent value for anyone interested in a good reliable driver that doesn’t look or feel as practical as it actually is.

The Volkswagen Golf Alltrack hits a nice balance that most other vehicles simply can’t provide. It’s luxurious, it’s extremely capable, it’s spacious and it’s small. Buyers considering Subaru wagons will have no choice but to take a look at the Alltrack as well, and they might not be able to look away. If they take it for a test drive they’ll have even more trouble going with a less inspiring Subaru. Yeah, it’s that good.

Volkswagen Wows in Paris with Exciting I.D. Concept Car

September 28, 2016

Volkswagen did a lot of talking about its new EV vehicle and its plans to release a bunch of electric vehicles in the future, and at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, the automaker delivered on those boasts a bit with its I.D. concept. The futuristic vehicle certainly showed that Volkswagen has good design sense, but so far it’s just a concept. Volkswagen is making pretty big claims around the vehicle, and if the car ends up meeting its predicted range it’s going to be a really exciting entry into the market and well worth picking up for anyone interested in buying an EV.


A Stunning Range

With electric vehicles traveling less than 100 miles in most instances currently, it’s really impressive when you see claims such as 300+ miles for a new vehicle. That’s exactly what Volkswagen is claiming with the I.D. concept car. It isn’t set to be released until 2020, but the automaker says when it is, it should have a top range of between 200 and 370 miles. If that top-end prediction ends up being correct, the vehicle could be something that would meet the needs of nearly everyone. Whether you’re commuting to work or taking a long-distance trip to a relatives, the car should be able to handle the trip without issue, and that’s pretty darned exciting.

Come at a Golf Cost

When the I.D. does finally get released to the public, in 2020, or around that time, the vehicle is expected to retail in the same price range as the Golf does now. That seems like a really reasonable cost for a futuristic full-electric vehicle.

A Futuristic Look

Volkswagen I.D. has a really futuristic look thanks to a few key features. It comes with plenty of LED lights and under lighting to give it that futuristic glow, but the car also has a long and sleek design, rear sliding doors, and of course upscale wheels that look like they are straight out of a TRON film. The car looks like a Golf from the year 2050, and it’s something that I wouldn’t mind seeing rolling around the road in the near future.

Automated Driving 

The Volkswagen I.D. is also expected to offer automated driving features in the future, though it won’t come with them on its release. Instead, the automated features are expected to be offered around 2025 for those interested in that. That means tat you could hop into your full electric vehicle and simply tell it where you want to go. The vehicle would then speed off and take you to your destination. That’s a pretty exciting idea that I’m sure plenty of car owners could get behind.

There’s no telling if the VW I.D. is going to be released on 2020 like they said it will, but if it is, and it meets all the expectations around it, it will be a pretty cool little vehicle.

The Revolutionary New EV will Soon be Unveiled

September 21, 2016

Volkswagen is heading full force toward a full electric vehicle that will rival the likes of Tesla and Porsche. During the upcoming Paris Motor Show at the beginning of October, Volkswagen is going to show off an electric concept vehicle with a greater range than nearly all the other electric vehicles sold today. According to Volkswagen it will be as revolutionary as the Beetle was when first produced, and a pretty solid addition to the Volkswagen lineup.


A Massive Range

Today a driving range of more than 50 miles on full electric is pretty impressive, and few vehicles achieve even that. The next electric vehicle that Volkswagen plans on releasing, is supposed to have a range of between 250  and 300 miles. Not only that, but it should be able to charge up in just 15 minutes with the appropriate charging technology. That means that you could drive across the country in the electric vehicle, without having to worry about running out of power at any point along the way. Not only that, but many hour charge times look like they will be going away for car owners over time.

Not For Many Years

While Volkswagen is making the latest EV sound pretty outstanding, the automaker doesn’t plan to release the vehicle for a couple years now. It’s set to be a 2020 model year vehicle, which means you’ll have to wait at least 2 to 3 more years before you can get your hands on this long-range vehicle. Even still, it looks to be a pretty impressive product that should keep right up with the other long-range electric vehicles set to be released in the coming years.

The Volkswagen EV Goal

Volkswagen has a goal to produce a total of one million pure EVs by the year 2025, and this electric concept vehicle is going to be a powerful driving force toward that goal according to Volkswagen. It’s a first glimpse at the electric empire that Volkswagen is soon going to be constructing, and it’s something to really get excited about.

If you’re as excited about this potential new electric vehicle as I am, I urge you to keep your eyes on the Paris Motor show set to come in just a couple weeks. Volkswagen should be showing off a concept of these electric vehicle then, and you’ll get to set your eyes on one of the more impressive electric vehicles set to come out in the next couple years.

Volkswagen Announces that Two Door GTIs will be No More

September 15, 2016

There is something cool about owning a Golf GTI with just two doors. It shows that you don’t have any kids and that you care about the look of your vehicle more than function itself. It’s also a way to save a bit of money. Unfortunately, the two-door model Golf isn’t going to be offered for very much longer according to Volkswagen. That’s because it’s not very popular in America and there isn’t a good reason to continue producing this type of vehicle.


Discontinued after 2016

The two-door GTI will only be offered new in 2016, and from then on out you’ll have to pick up used vehicles instead. That’s because Volkswagen is discontinuing them this year. The automaker cited lack of interest as the main reason that the two door model is going the way of the Dodge Viper.

Why the Two Door isn’t That Popular

There are a few different reasons that the two-door version of the Golf GTI just isn’t that popular with Americans. One of the main reasons is that you’re losing out on features without really gaining much money by going with a two-door model. Sure they look pretty cool, but you’re losing interior space and room to carry more people. This loss of utility comes at the savings of just $600. This savings hardly makes losing out on seating for three people and a bunch of storage space worthwhile, not unless you really like the look of the two-door model more.

Get One While You Can

If you have your heart set on a new model, you should get to your local dealership and put in the order as soon as possible. The 2016 model year Golf’s are the only ones that still come with the two-door option, and they aren’t going to be around for much longer before we’re into the 2017 model year vehicles. Do yourself a favor and head to the dealership today to make sure that you get the vehicle that you are looking for.

It absolutely makes sense to drop the two-door Golf for Volkswagen, just like it made sense for automakers to drop smaller pickup trucks. If something isn’t popular enough it doesn’t pay to make it. Could Volkswagen bring back two-door vehicles? Absolutely. Will they? That really depends on if they become popular again in the United States, and that’s pretty difficult to predict.

Could Volkswagen Finally be Releasing its 3 Row SUV?

September 5, 2016

Volkswagen has been talking about a new and larger 3-row SUV that it’s coming out with, but up until now the automaker hasn’t released any real details about the vehicle. They say it’s going to be larger, they say it’s going to have nice tech features and that it’s suitable for larger families, but Volkswagen doesn’t say anything about when the vehicle is going to be released. A recent siting of a 3-row VW SUV suggests that it will be put out within the next year, something that Volkswagen fans can get excited about.


The Sighting

Recently a 3-seat Volkswagen SUV was spotted over in China in testing. The vehicle was driving around the roads and was clearly being evaluated. There’s no guarantee that this is in fact the SUV that’s going to be sold in the United States, but it’s a good bet that it is, because how many other 3-row SUVs could Volkswagen be testing out at the moment?

Tennessee Production

Volkswagen has a large production facility down in Tennessee that it plans on using to make this new SUV for buyers. The vehicle will start production at the facility before the vehicles are delivered out to auto dealerships. Keep an eye on this American-made vehicle, because it could start showing up for sale sooner than you expect.

A Gasoline Engine

It’s likely that the SUV is going to come with a turbocharged gasoline engine. The engine will probably be a 2-liter engine with plenty of power to push the SUV and what little bit that you want to tow with it as well.

An Affordable SUV

Many buyers skip over Volkswagen’s current SUV lineup because the Tiguan is just too small of an option for larger families, and the Toureg is really expensive compared to competitor offerings. This next SUV is supposed to hit that price sweet spot to make it more competitive, which means that it should be sold for somewhere around $30,000 when it’s finally released to the public. That’s pretty darned affordable for a three-row SUV that’s going to cart around families just like a minivan would.

The Simpler and More Affordable Golf Lineup

August 23, 2016

Volkswagen is changing up how it offers one of its most popular sedans to the public, the 2017 Golf. Not only is the car slightly more affordable in some trim models, which is pretty exciting, but it is also much simpler to make that purchase. That’s because Volkswagen is simplifying the whole lineup, and adding in many of the optional features as standard onto different models throughout the lineup. The end result is that buying a Golf is an easier affair and something that you can do with confidence.

2017 VW Golf

More Affordable

In the interest of drumming up more business, Volkswagen has actually dropped the prices on some of its models for the 2017 model year. The Golf S four door sedan is actually $280 lower than it was in the 2016 model year. The GTI SE four-door model is $225 lower than it was before. This isn’t a dramatic price drop, but it’s enough to make buying either of these two models into a more exciting prospect overall.

GTI Performance is More Limited

The Golf GTI of yesterday came with the option for a powerful Performance package, now there isn’t an option any longer. Instead you have to pick one of the two upgraded variations, the GTI SE or the SEL in order to get that performance package, and it isn’t an added cost, it comes as standard. If you opt for one of these variations of the Golf GTI, you’ll enjoy all those performance features as a bonus addon with your purchase.

Limited Golf Offerings

One of the biggest changes that you’ll find with the regular Golf is that there are far fewer variations available than in previous years. If you want to drive to a lot and pick up a 2017 Golf, you’ll have the four-door S hatchback, or the Wolfsburg Edition four door model to choose from. The SE and the SEL models are still available, but you’ll have to pre-order those and wait for them to become available in order to get one.

Simpler Offerings Overall

Buying a Golf before was quite complicated. There were a bunch of different variations and then optional add-on packages that you could choose from as well. Sure you had more of a choice over what you would end up with from Volkswagen, but it was a time consuming process trying to pick out the best vehicle. That’s why Volkswagen has pared down its Golf offerings dramatically. With fewer options and more included package features, there are simply less decisions to worry about. This frees up buyers to make the purchase and stop worrying so much about whether or not they made the right choices.