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Volkswagen Wows in Paris with Exciting I.D. Concept

October 10, 2017

Volkswagen did a lot of talking about its new EV vehicle and its plans to release a bunch of electric vehicles in the future, and at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, the automaker delivered on those boasts a bit with its I.D. concept. The futuristic vehicle certainly showed that Volkswagen has good design sense, but so far it’s just a concept. Volkswagen is making pretty big claims around the vehicle, and if the car ends up meeting its predicted range it’s going to be a really exciting entry into the market and well worth picking up for anyone interested in buying an EV.

A Stunning Range

With electric vehicles traveling less than 100 miles in most instances currently, it’s really impressive when you see claims such as 300+ miles for a new vehicle. That’s exactly what Volkswagen is claiming with the I.D. concept car. It isn’t set to be released until 2020, but the automaker says when it is, it should have a top range of between 200 and 370 miles. If that top-end prediction ends up being correct, the vehicle could be something that would meet the needs of nearly everyone. Whether you’re commuting to work or taking a long-distance trip to a relatives, the car should be able to handle the trip without issue, and that’s pretty darned exciting.

Come at a Golf Cost

When the I.D. does finally get released to the public, in 2020, or around that time, the vehicle is expected to retail in the same price range as the Golf does now. That seems like a really reasonable cost for a futuristic full-electric vehicle.

A Futuristic Look

The Volkswagen I.D. has a really futuristic look thanks to a few key features. It comes with plenty of LED lights and under lighting to give it that futuristic glow, but the car also has a long and sleek design, rear sliding doors, and of course upscale wheels that look like they are straight out of a TRON film. The car looks like a Golf from the year 2050, and it’s something that I wouldn’t mind seeing rolling around the road in the near future.

Automated Driving 

The Volkswagen I.D. is also expected to offer automated driving features in the future, though it won’t come with them on its release. Instead, the automated features are expected to be offered around 2025 for those interested in that. That means tat you could hop into your full electric vehicle and simply tell it where you want to go. The vehicle would then speed off and take you to your destination. That’s a pretty exciting idea that I’m sure plenty of car owners could get behind.

There’s no telling if the VW I.D. is going to be released on 2020 like they said it will, but if it is, and it meets all the expectations around it, it will be a pretty cool little vehicle.


Reviewing the 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan: Is Bigger Better?

October 4, 2017

That’s right, the latest Volkswagen Tiguan is now out and available for testing, and it’s time to weigh in on whether or not the latest model is actually an upgrade over its predecessor. The first thing you’ll notice about this SUV is that it’s a whole lot larger than it used to be, but is that a good thing? It’s tough to decide right off the bat of the increased size is good or bad, and I’ll delve into all the details that come with that size change. There are also some media enhancements, changes to the interior and overall improvements to the model that deserve a mention as well, so let’s get right into it.

Is Bigger Better?

The new Tiguan is no longer like a RAV4 when it comes to size. It’s much more like the bigger brother the Highlander. That’s because it has a longer wheelbase by 7.3 inches. The total length of the Tiguan is upsized by around 10.6 inches as well, which might not sound like a lot, but is huge in the car world. These size changes add extra weight onto the Tiguan, which can make it feel a bit more sluggish, but they were made for good reason, to bring buyers added seating capacity and storage. That’s right, if you pick up the 2018 Tiguan you can have it with a third row and seating for 7. That’s great news if you have a large family and you couldn’t purchase the Tiguan before. It’s important to note that that third row is pretty cramped. You won’t be lounging in luxury at the back of the SUV, and you’ll probably want to stick to hauling children around using the rearmost portion of the SUV, but it’s nice to have the option anyway.

Performance and Handling Concerns

With the larger size of the Tiguan comes some performance concerns, and they are warranted. It gains around 373 lbs of added weight, and that’s going to take away from acceleration a bit. The Tiguan comes with a turbo-four engine and can put out enough power for you to drive comfortably, but it never really feels fast either. It comes packed with a very intelligent and capable eight-speed automatic transmission that takes the limited power the engine offers and makes the most of it. With short gearing and careful power distribution the Tiguan can get up to 60 from a standstill in around 8.6 seconds according to MotorTrend tests. That’s not lightning quick, but it’s very respectable for a mid-sized SUV. This makes it a good solid daily driver.

Excellent Off-Road Handling with All Wheel

The 2018 Tiguan can be equipped with all-wheel drive, but it’s not a mandatory enhancement. You have to get it as an added option and pay extra for it. When you opt for 4Motion All-Wheel drive, you get a much more capable SUV overall. It handles in tough driving conditions beautifully, and will help you get around through snow, dirt, sand or whatever you happen to be driving through without as much slippage. There are different driving modes to choose from, but the SUV seems to handle pretty well regardless of the mode that you have it set to.

Stylish Interior

While Volkswagen couldn’t deck out the Tiguan with lavish materials, the automaker did a good job making it look refined and almost luxurious using plastics and other low-cost materials. The inside of the Tiguan has a nice put-together quality to it, even if the seats aren’t quite as plush and the lumbar support isn’t as good as it is on more high-end vehicles. The overall result is a stylish interior and a vehicle that you’ll be happy to show off to friends and family members.

Excellent Multimedia

The SUV packs in features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support into its refined media console. The Media center looks very nice and is simple to use, and it’s a nice improvement over the outgoing model. If you value media and want enhanced connectivity through your smartphone and other Bluetooth devices, you’ll love how advanced the media system is in the 2018 Tiguan.

Overall the bigger Tiguan is an improvement over the 2017 model. It offers driving dynamics that are very similar, though it’s slightly more sluggish this isn’t something that most drivers are likely to notice. The Tiguan is now an option for those with larger families and it’s a decent improvement over some of the other large options on the market today.

Volkswagen Expands its Warranties for 2018 Model Year Vehicles

September 27, 2017

In an effort to make Volkswagen vehicles into an even better value than they already are, and to help the company gain more market share in the United States, Volkswagen is revamping the warranty offerings on its 2018 vehicles. The warranties are to be made more comprehensive and longer than before, and they’re beating out many of the other automakers on the market today. That’s exciting news for Volkswagen fans that have their eyes on the 2018 model lineup.

New and Improved Warranties

Volkswagen intends to offer 6-year 72,000 mile warranties on much of its 2018 lineup. That’s almost double what many of the other manufacturers are offering currently. That’s a huge step in the right direction and it will give buyers one more reason to head over to a Volkswagen dealership. This warranty offer is going to be available on every single one of Volkswagen’s 2018 model lineup, other than the e-Golf that’s getting even better protection.

Exceptional e-Golf Warranty

The Volkswagen e-Golf is quickly becoming the car to buy if you’re interested in an EV in the U.S. and it’s exciting to see that the car is getting its own warranty upgrade. The 2018 e-Golf will come with an eight-year 100,000 mile warranty including battery coverage. That’s an exceptional warranty that will make owning the car a no-brainer if you want an EV that offers a decent driving range.

The Warranty Stays with the Vehicle

Another nice feature of these now longer warranties is that Volkswagen states they will transfer with the vehicle as long as they have life left. That means if you plan on selling the car a few years after purchasing it, you’ll have that warranty to offer the next buyer.

More Vehicle Offerings in the Future

Not only did Volkswagen pledge to make better warranties available to its buyers, but the automaker also has plans to release two new vehicle models each year for the coming years. The leaders already announced that they would come out with an all-new Jetta in 2018, and there are many more new models to come as well.

Volkswagen is working hard to develop more compelling vehicles and to offer better deals to its customers and the new changes are sure to help bring new customers to Volkswagen for the first time. It’s hard to pass up a vehicle that’s covered for six years after all.

Volkswagen Could Release a Tiguan Type R

August 22, 2017

Most automakers today only bother making high-performance versions of their vehicles if they are luxury automakers with very expensive brands. Car companies like Porsche, Audi and Lexus come to mind first. They’re not the only companies that can offer performance vehicles though, and Volkswagen wants to make that very clear. The Volkswagen Golf R was a good example of an automaker offering a high-performance car that was still somewhat affordable and should be a whole lot of fun to drive around. The little hatchback came packed with power and screamed down the road. Sure it won’t set any performance records, but it’s worth buying for the performance to value ratio that it offers, and now Volkswagen wants to do that with a few more of its vehicles as well.

New R Models Coming

Volkswagen has plans to bring a couple other R Models to its lineup over time. These models will be just as potent as the Golf performance variant is and they should be a lot of fun to drive around as well. The models will include the Tiguan as well as the T-Roc according to officials from Volkswagen. That means you’ll have a couple of smaller SUVs that are packed with raw power to drive around. Of course no specifics have been released just yet, but we can speculate about the level of performance that you’ll get from these new performance models.

Serious Power Potential

The Volkswagen Golf R comes in at just under 300 HP with 292 and that’s a pretty small car. That means that Volkswagen is likely to match that level of power with these two SUV models or surpass it. If you’re looking for a serious performer that you want to drive around and make the most of, either of these two models should be a lot of fun and worth the purchase.

Release Date

There’s no firm release date yet, but they are expected to come out in the next couple years. Keep an eye out for R variants of the Tiguan in the future and watch the T-Roc release closely to see what trim levels it’s offered in. You may be surprised at what you get when you invest in Volkswagen in the near-distant future, and there are sure to be some nice performance options available.

If you’re tired of going slow, but don’t want to spend a small fortune for a supercar, consider one of the new performance options from Volkswagen, the Golf is already here and others are on the horizon as well.

Volkswagen to Bring an Electric Crossover to US Market First

August 15, 2017

Volkswagen has been working hard to develop a solid electric vehicle that will rival the likes of Tesla, and the ID concept car is going to be the automaker’s first attempt to create a long-range electric vehicle that’s much more capable than the e-Golf that’s currently available. The vehicles in the ID family are going to be built on top of the MEB platform and are expected to more than double the 100+ mile range that the current e-Golf offers its drivers. That means you’ll end up with more capable electric vehicles that could be used for more than just around-town commuting. Volkswagen eagerly showed off the ID concept car, but it’s not the car that is going to make it to US soil first. Instead Volkswagen is going to bring the ID Crozz, and electric crossover to North America first and roll out the car later on.

A Capable Electric Crossover

The I.D. concept car is expected to get between 250 and 375 miles on a single charge. Those figures are likely to be very close to the same on the crossover vehicle as well. That means buyers will end up with a significantly more capable vehicle than what the e-Golf is currently, and that’s pretty exciting. The crossover should be better for long-distance travel and for longer commutes. There aren’t many details about the vehicle just yet, but it will likely have a modern media system, and enhanced features that make it stand out in other ways, besides for the excellent travel distance.

Built on the MEB Platform

Volkswagen has been hard at work developing an all-new vehicle platform that will stand up to hard use from its lineup of compact electric vehicles. This platform is known as MEB and it’s complete. It will be used for all the I.D. electric vehicles by Volkswagen, and is expected to be used for the Passat, Golf and Tiguan in the future once they’re transformed to electric vehicles as well.

The platform was carefully tested to ensure it’s capable of holding the necessary batteries and allowing the EVs to function as they are supposed to. With it complete Volkswagen can move on to developing the production versions of its I.D. lineup of EVs for release throughout the world.

ID Release Date

The Volkswagen I.D. Hatchback is expected to be released in 2020 as long as there are no delays. This vehicle won’t show up in the United States right away though. Instead Volkswagen is going to wait for the crossover production to be complete and release that in the U.S. first. That means you’ll have to wait a year or two after the hatchback is released before a more capable electric vehicle is going to be available in the U.S. from Volkswagen.

The Volkswagen I.D. vehicles represent another major step toward heavier use of EVs throughout the United States, and there are sure to be plenty of buyers eagerly awaiting the release.

How the Volkswagen Atlas is Ideal for American Buyers

June 15, 2017

While Volkswagen was already offering most of the different vehicle types that foreign buyers are looking for, it was missing one major section of the American market by not offering vehicles that offer space for more than five riders at a time. The auto giant corrected this issue with the recent release of the Volkswagen Atlas. This beast of an SUV offers many features that American buyers appreciate, including seating for up to seven people. Here’s an overview of the top features of the Atlas, to hopefully help buyers decide if it’s the right option or not.

Spacious Seating

There’s room in the Atlas to hold 7 different people comfortably. There’s even enough space for adults to ride at the back of the SUV without being overly cramped in. Obviously the last row is meant for children, but it’s not off limits to adults and the huge Atlas can carry a wide range of passengers without issues. It’s worth mentioning that the seats are all highly adjustable and you can create an even more pleasant ride for six adults by opting for captain’s chairs in the third row as well in the second and first.

Modern Tech

Of course modern tech is another major benefit and a sought after feature in modern American vehicles. The Atlas comes with a large-screened media system that’s compatible with smartphones, apps and works well with most nav systems. Whether you want to connect via Bluetooth, an Aux-in port or just charge your smartphone devices, the Atlas has the support to let you do all of the above, which is a tech-lovers dream.


The inside of the Atlas isn’t just large, it’s versatile as well. There is plenty of cargo space inside the SUV, and there are many different compartments, shelves and holders throughout the SUV to keep all our little gadgets in place. Families will be able to ride around comfortably without having issues like running out of space to hold their stuff. This is a major benefit of the Atlas and it shows that Volkswagen understands American buyers well.

All Wheel Handling

To anyone that lives in a climate with snow, all-wheel drive is a nice feature to have and it provides a bit more reassurance when heading out onto snow-covered roads. The Atlas comes equipped with capable 4-Motion all-wheel drive and can stand up to most driving conditions just fine. This is a major plus that will draw in more American buyers and will probably help a few more Atlas SUVs sell this year.

The Volkswagen Atlas offers what most American buyers are looking for if they want more space for their families, and that’s exactly why it’s going to sell very well when it’s finally released.

Volkswagen Releases It’s Most Beautiful Vehicle with the Arteon

June 6, 2017

The Volkswagen Arteon is a beautiful car that’s set to replace the aging CC. Just like the CC the Arteon is firmly aimed at auto buyers looking for a luxurious ride that’s beautiful to look at while also being quite functional. It’s not a cheap purchase by any means, but there are plenty of buyers that will be willing to overlook the price tag in order to get their hands on the beautiful car.

Safety Features

A car isn’t a quality product today if it isn’t outfitted with excellent safety features. On top of having a well-built frame and all the standard airbag, anti-lock brake and driver assistance features, the Arteon comes with some extras as well. The first is a rear-end collision system that helps keep passengers safer if a rear-end collision occurs. The seats and belts align effectively for the best stopping power and support. The hazard lights turn on preemptively when an oncoming accident is suspect. The windows roll down a bit to allow the airbags to deploy effectively. Overall; you get a better response from the car in the event of a collision and that should help keep everyone inside safer.

The Arteon also comes with autonomous driving features at a pretty basic level. There’s adaptive cruise and the car can handle some driving situations on its own as long as you’re going less than 37 MPH down the road. That means it shouldn’t do much for you while on the highway, but will make stop and go traffic a bit more bearable.

Beautiful Inside and Out

It’s hard to say just how attractive the Volkswagen Arteon is to look at. The interior looks like an Audi with smooth trim lines, plush seats, clean design accents and plenty of sitting room for people in the back seat. It’s very hard to tell that you aren’t in an Audi, a Porsche or another luxury vehicle when climbing inside the Arteon, and that’s what will sell it. On the outside you clearly have a sporty vehicle that stands out. The Arteon is going to turn heads and that’s the main point of it. You’ll love taking it out for a spin on the weekends and will feel proud to drive it around. It’s got the right balance of curves and contours to make it one of the most beautiful Volkswagen vehicles to date.

It Isn’t the Cheapest

The Arteon certainly isn’t a cheap vehicle, especially when you consider that it technically isn’t a luxury vehicle at all. Buyers will be expected to cough up $38,000 for the base model vehicle and the price will shoot upwards from there depending on the features that you want on it. That’s not to say that nobody is going to purchase it though. The Arteon is more affordable than many mid-sized luxury sedans and coupes today while offering many of the same features and that same beautiful look. It’s still going to be a pretty exclusive vehicle and it’s going to be something that you’re proud to show off, which will help to boost its popularity overall.

The Volkswagen Arteon certainly isn’t for everyone, but we can see a real market for the upscale VW and it’s going to sell pretty well when it is finally released. It’s going to catch looks out in dealer lots, in showrooms and while going down the street, and that will result in even more sales as time goes by.