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Getting a Good Look at the Stretched Volkswagen Tiguan

August 16, 2016

The latest Volkswagen Tiguan has been in development for quite some time now. It was announced by Volkswagen nearly a year ago, and since then we haven’t heard so much as a peep about it. That’s likely because the SUV still isn’t ready to be released by the company in the United States. That’s mostly because it is set to be built in Mexico, and the plant that’s going to be used isn’t retrofitted to effectively construct the SUV just yet. Anyway, some recent spy shots were released for the 2017 Tiguan showing off the extended body version of the SUV. It looks very similar to the model that was shown almost a year ago, but with a longer footprint.

Extended Tiguan

Stretching the Tiguan

The next Volkswagen Tiguan is going to offer a version with 3rd row seating for the customers that are interested in that sort of thing. In order to create enough space for the additional row, Volkswagen had to stretch out the vehicle. When you look at spy shots of the stretched Tiguan, you’ll see that it relies on different C-pillars as well as extended doors to make up the added space that’s needed for the third row seats.

When Will it Be released?

Since Volkswagen did very little to hide the appearance of these stretched out vehicles, it’s safe to say that the model is likely going to be released quite soon. Customers should expect to see official photos of the vehicle from Volkswagen in the near future, and will likely view a preview of the actual car at a show sometime in the near future as well.

Engine Offerings

There’s no official word about what engines are going to be offered in the latest Tiguan, but it’s easy enough to speculate at the offerings. It’s likely there will be a turbocharged four-cylinder version of the Tiguan, and maybe a standard V6 as well. On top of that there could also be a hybrid offering from Volkswagen, further proving that they are becoming more serious about electric vehicle technology.

The latest Tiguan likely won’t be released in the United States to buyers for quite a while yet, but we could all be getting a good look at the interior of that stretched variation pretty soon.

Volkswagen Forms a Partnership with SMA Solar Experts

August 10, 2016

Volkswagen now realizes the importance of creating sustainable vehicles that are going to be usable long past when oil has run out and global warming is an even more serious issue than it is today. Thanks to that understanding the automaker is putting a huge amount of its resources towards developing electronic vehicles that it can offer to consumers. Not only is the automaker working on the platforms that will form each of the 30 different EVs or electric vehicles that it plans to release by 2025, but it is also working out partnerships with major solar companies such as SMA Solar to help get the knowledge and access to the technology it needs to create the best possible product in the end.

SMA Electronics

Developing its Electric Platforms

Volkswagen is working hard to lay the foundation of its electric vehicle program right now. The automaker is currently creating platforms for its electric vehicles that each of them is going to be built on top of. According to Volkswagen there are about three different platforms, which is all the automaker is going to need for all its hybrid and full electric creations. Between these three platforms the company can create SUVs, cars, trucks and anything else that it wants with partial or full electric power. That’s exactly why it has engineers and designers coming up with the ideal configuration for each of these platforms. Efficiency and effectiveness in these platforms will translate nicely into all the different vehicles that are built on top of them.

A Partnership with Sun Experts

SMA Solar is a solar panel inverter company that specializes in designing and creating products that are designed to make use of small amounts of electricity very efficiently. Volkswagen is working with this company to hopefully help create more efficient and useful hybrid and full electric systems in the future. There’s no news about what Volkswagen wants from SMA specifically, but there can be no doubt that the automaker is going to learn a great deal from the company during the time that it works with it.

Volkswagen isn’t going into hybrid and full electric technology halfway. It’s taking all the steps to help lay the foundation for a very strong electric vehicle system that could be one of the best in the world in a decade from now. IT’s an exciting time to be interested in electric vehicles, and only time will tell exactly what’s in store for everyone waiting for these modern modes of transportation to finally be released.

Volkswagen is Incredibly Close to Passing Toyota as the Largest Automaker

August 3, 2016

Volkswagen is currently one of the largest automakers in the world, but you might not have realized that the company is currently ahead of every other company in the world in terms of sales numbers. That’s right, all throughout the first half of 2016 Volkswagen managed to outsell Toyota, General Motors and all the other auto companies out there. That’s a pretty significant win, and something to be very excited about.


Just How Well is Volkswagen Doing?

If you’re wondering how well Volkswagen is doing, it’s currently about 130,000 vehicles ahead of Toyota for the first six months of 2016. Volkswagen is beating the automaker that managed to outsell every other automaker in the world for the past four years running. That’s pretty significant. Not only is Volkswagen doing well, but the company sold about 5.12 million vehicles so far this year, while Toyota is at around 4.99 million. That’s a pretty big difference even if the two figures seem quite close together.

Could Volkswagen Be the New Top Automaker?

While it’s way too early to tell yet, it looks possible that Volkswagen could outsell Toyota for all of 2016. Volkswagen is currently growing nicely in Europe and China, two of its largest markets. It grew by 3.8% in Europe during the first six months, and 6.8% in China, those are some pretty significant gains as well. Volkswagen has been shooting for the top position for years now, and has its sights set on 2018 as the year that it takes the top position. We think that’s a very reasonable estimate, and it could even happen sooner than that if Volkswagen maintains its current growth rates.

Dethroning the King

Toyota has been the sales leader for automakers for the last four years in a row. The automaker beat out General Motors to take the top spot over four years ago, and it’s been running strong ever since. Taking over that top position from Toyota would give Volkswagen something to brag about, and is definitely something to be proud of as well. Whether or not Volkswagen is able to take the top spot this year still remains to be seen, but the company is definitely headed in the right direction.

The 2016 Jetta is Surprisingly Sporty

July 24, 2016

Most people take a look at the Volkswagen Jetta and then immediately forget about it, never realizing how big of a mistake they’re making. Sure it relies on mute designs that don’t stand out, and it’s not the most exciting on the inside either. The real joy doesn’t come until you climb behind the driver’s wheel of this vehicle, but many people never make it that far. If you were willing to take a chance, and test drive the Jetta, you would have a very hard time skipping over the vehicle for anything less than a luxury car. Yep, it drives that good.

2016 volkswagen jetta

From Comfortable to Sporty in an Instant

When climbing behind the wheel of a Jetta the last thing on your mind will be performance. This standard looking family car looks well-suited to picking up groceries, heading to the dentist and bringing your little one to his piano recital, but it doesn’t look like it has any business on a track, or even that it will be any fun to drive around at all. That would be where you are wrong though. The 2016 Jetta is a whole lot of fun to drive and you’ll be amazed once you take off from a standstill. With 170 HP and a body weight of around 3,000 lbs, the Jetta picks up quickly. It’s smooth and comfortable, but with a firmer press on the pedal and sharper turns it’s clear that the Jetta really has some grit. You can shoot around corners, screech the wheels and really put some pressure on the road beneath you in the Jetta and you’ll love every minute of it. You’ll find yourself smiling no matter how hard you try to fight it, and that’s the power of the superb engineering that went into making the Jetta.

Plenty of Tech Options

When you pick up a new Jetta, you can get a very basic model, or you can pick one up filled to the brim with technology, it’s up to you. There are plenty of features available such as adaptive cruise control, a back-up camera, heated seats, blind spot monitoring. Heck there are even rain-sensing wipers so that you don’t have to bother turning the knob at the beginning of a rain shower. All these things come together with some excellent media system options to make a very futuristic feeling vehicle that comes with most of the features that you’ll likely want, many of which you won’t realize you wanted until you have them.

Muted but Sophisticated

The 2016 Volkswagen Jetta isn’t a vehicle that stands out in a crowd, and for many people that’s okay. While driving with a bunch of other vehicles this car blends right in and most people wouldn’t even register that it went by. That doesn’t mean that the Volkswagen is ugly though, because it isn’t. Instead it has an air of sophistication and it’s something you’ll be proud to ride around in. It isn’t flashy, but it’s well-put together with nice curves and attractive trim. On the inside of the vehicle you’re greeted by a mesh of grays or tans and black and chrome. All together you get a very grown-up look, but again, it’s not an interior that really stands out. The materials used are high quality and everything meshes together well, while being quite comfortable. Everyone will ride around in comfort in the front or back of your Jetta, and as a family-transporter that’s all you really need.

The 2016 Volkswagen Jetta doesn’t appear to be a very exciting car. It comes with all the important features, and has a decent look that you won’t be embarrassed by, but it isn’t until you climb behind the wheel that you’ll actually get excited about the car. Once there you’ll be thrilled by the performance, the handling, the way that thing takes corners, and how smooth the transmission is. It’s these things that will sell you the vehicle, and all the other features, while not overly impressive, won’t scare you away either. If you’re looking for an affordable driver-centric car that’s a true joy to travel around in, the Jetta is a highly practical option.

Volkswagen Considers China for a Battery Plant Location

June 29, 2016

Volkswagen is an automaker known for being one of the largest and most successful, but sometimes to be successful you have to be flexible. That’s exactly what the automaker plans to do in the future with the type of vehicles that it’s going to produce. VW is planning on a big push toward battery-powered vehicles, and in order to do that it must set up some massive battery production plants. The automaker is currently searching for locations to get set up in, but it appears that China is at the top of the list.

Volkswagen Budd-E Concept

Volkswagen Budd-E Concept

Electric Vehicles Will be a Big Part of Volkswagen’s Future

Volkswagen expects about one third of all the vehicles it produces to be electrically powered in 2025. In order to hit those kind of figures the automaker will be selling hundreds of thousands of vehicles a year, and will need about 10 massive battery factories that will cost the company 2.4 billion each. Do the math and you’ll see that’s 24 million dollars invested in just battery cells and battery packs. At that kind of scale Volkswagen should be able to produce batteries more effectively than most other automakers, which will give the company a big advantage when it comes to electric vehicles.

Why China Makes Sense

China makes sense as the first location for a Volkswagen battery plant for a few different reasons. The first is that the Chinese government is one of the most motivated to switch to battery powered automobiles. The country is dealing with serious smog and air pollution issues at the moment that are only growing more troublesome. While other countries are looking to cut down on the pollution released by their vehicles, China just wants to get rid of that pollution entirely to combat the problem. Electrification is the simplest solution to that problem, and China is pushing for the tech in a big way.

With China so interested in battery power there are two different reasons Volkswagen will benefit. The first is that they have a willing partner that might even fund part of the creation of that very first factory. This will allow VW to test out the facility and make sure it’s going to offer what it needs, while cutting down investment costs in the process.

The second reason that China makes sense is because Volkswagen will have an established location for producing electric vehicles in a location where many people are soon going to want to purchase them. It makes sense to build products as close to your customers as possible, and Volkswagen expects many of those customers to be in China.

Whether or not the company decides to go with China, or to produce those huge facilities to begin with still remains to be seen.  Either way, big changes are coming to Volkswagen soon, and they should help push the company to an even higher and more exciting position for autobuyers interested in modern vehicles and what they can do.

Get the Golf GTI Sport Trim for Performance

June 23, 2016

Many Volkswagen Golf owners are just looking for a fuel efficient vehicle that’s fun to drive. If that’s you there’s no reason that you shouldn’t go for one of the base models of the vehicle and avoid one of the upper level models. If you’re after the highest level of performance that you can get, while spending the least amount of money, you should consider getting the Golf GTI Sport Trim instead. Sure it’s a bit more expensive than the stock trim, but it brings with it all the performance goodies of the performance package for you to enjoy.

2016 Golf GTI

The Many Shapes and Types of the Volkswagen Golf

When you decide to get a Volkswagen Golf, you are really deciding to get a wide variety of cars. You could be getting a sleek and sexy two door sedan that’s built for speed, or four-door hatch that’s designed for smooth family cruising and plenty of storage space. It’s important to know which Golf model you’re interested in before you place an order, and the only way to really determine that is to take a look at the various options in person. Head out to your local Volkswagen dealership and take a look at the many different Golf models on offer.

Getting the Most Performance for Your Money

If you’re interested in getting the highest level of performance for your money, the best thing you can do is purchase the Golf Sport Trim. It comes with a bunch of performance upgrades that you can’t get on the base trim of the vehicle. You’ll enjoy Torque-sensing, a 10 HP power boost and electronically controlled Golf R brakes. Together all of these features turn the Golf into a much more agile and powerful vehicle. You’ll enjoy racing and weaving around corners more in the vehicle, and you don’t have to pay that much more for it either.

Added Goodies

On top of the performance benefits that you’ll enjoy with the Golf Sport Trim, you’ll also enjoy some added features that improve the look and feel of the Golf. The tires are upgraded to 18-inch Nogaro wheels. Black mirror caps and LED daytime running lights help to enhance the appearance of the vehicle further. There are also special floor mats and keyless entry and ignition. Overall you get a lot of additional features and improvements when you upgrade to the Sport Trim level over the base model, and it’s surprisingly affordable.

If you are considering getting a Golf sedan, take a look at the different trim levels and the features that come with each of them. That’s the only way to really determine which is going to be the best for you, and which you should strongly reconsider getting.

Volkswagen to Update Navigation to Handle Traffic

June 14, 2016

Driving in a major city is often more of a hassle than it has to be because of traffic jams, construction and other issues that you aren’t expecting. This is more than enough to keep many people from wanting to drive around at all, but what if you had a tool to help you get around more efficiently built right into your vehicle. That’s exactly what Volkswagen is planning on offering to its drivers in the future, and you likely won’t even realize it’s happening when the feature kicks in.

volkswagen navigation

GPS Traffic Navigation

The new Volkswagen system is designed to help you get around traffic conditions and other slows in traffic by making use of live traffic data that it keeps track of. The system learns the ways that you typically travel for work or other everyday activities, and it helps you get around the slowdowns that you run into as you travel. You’ll be directed down different roads depending on the traffic conditions and will end up getting to your destination in less time thanks to the help that you’re provided.

How it Works

The system simply uses live traffic data collected from outside sources and then merges that with the standard road directions to help you come up with the most optimal route to follow along with. The roads that are recommended to you will bring you around most traffic slowdowns so that you do not have to worry about wasting time sitting in a jam.

Benefitting from the Feature

The feature is set to be released on new Volkswagen vehicles in the future, but there isn’t information about whether or not the automaker is going to offer the feature on older vehicles as well. Once traffic navigation is added into the standard Volkswagen GPS features it’s possible it will be added into older vehicles as well.

It’s a feature that could help alleviate traffic congestion around the world, and something that will likely speed up driving for everyone once most people begin relying on the feature to get around.



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