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See Some Truly Rare Vehicles at the 2016 Mecum Kansas City Auction

February 12, 2016

Mecum Auctions is known for being one of the largest auction houses in the country for collectible cars. In keeping with that name the house is planning a massive auction event with an estimates 700+ cars going on sale over a span of just two days. It’s a major event for car collectors around the country and a once-a-year opportunity to get close to some pretty rare inventory that doesn’t come up for sale often. Mecum Collector Car Auction is set to take place on March 11th through the 12th and will be held in the Kansas City Convention Center. It’s an exciting event with some pretty major collectibles being headlined.

Visitors inspect some of the 600 classic and collector cars on display during the Mecum Auction at the Dallas Convention Center on October 6, 2011 in Dallas. (Patrick T. Fallon/The Dallas Morning News)

Visitors inspect some of the 600 classic and collector cars on display during the Mecum Auction at the Dallas Convention Center on October 6, 2011 in Dallas. (Patrick T. Fallon/The Dallas Morning News)

Vehicles of Note

The auction’s going to be packed with quality vehicles, but there are some that are a bit more rare than others. Only in an auction this large are you going to have a chance to see a 1968 Shelby GT500KR Fastback, a 1970 Pontiac GTO Convertible and one of the 26 SVE 2015 Yenko Camaros built to date.

A Wide Variety of Offerings

Along with those prestigious vehicles listed above, there’s going to be a wide array of classic and American muscle cars on display and for sale. Whether you’re looking for a specific vehicle to add to your collection, or you just want to see what’s out there to spark your interest, it’s worth a trip to the Mecum Kansas City auction to see what’s available.

When and Where

The auction is scheduled to take place from March 11th until the 12th and will be held at the Kansas City Convention Center. The doors open up at 8:00 AM each day of the auction. Road Art goes on sale at 8:30 AM and cars begin selling at 10:00 AM each day.

Who Can Attend?

It’s open to buyers, sellers and those just interested in spectating. Everyone can get in with a general admission ticket for $30 per day, or $40 for a two-day pass. Children ages 12 and under get in in for free.

As a bidder you must register at or before the event. Registering before the auction costs just $100 and comes with a two-day pass for two, but registering at the event will cost $200 and includes the same two-day pass for two individuals.

See the Listings and Find out More

If you’d like to see the vehicle listings or find out more about consigning your own vehicle you can do so at or by calling (262) 275-5050

A Guide to Basic 2016 Passat Features

February 4, 2016

The 2016 Volkswagen Passat is a pretty advanced vehicle. It comes with a bunch of new media features, but sometimes it’s the simple things that confuse new users. To learn how to do a couple simple things like adjust the clock, open up the trunk and adjust your seat properly read on. These features are simple when you understand them, but each is somewhat complex at first.

2016 passat easy open trunk

Adjusting the Clock

When you first decide to change up the clock in your 2016 Passat you may be a bit confused about how to do it. It’s actually very simple though. Start by going to the lower left hand corner of the instrument cluster. There you’ll see a button with a small clock on it. Press it to highlight the hour section of the clock in the console. Now press the 0.0 or SET button in the lower right corner of the instrument cluster. This changes the hours. To switch to minutes you tap the clock button again. When adjusting the minutes you can tap them ahead one at a time, or you can hold the button down to scroll ahead rapidly. Once you are finished you can press the clock button to end the adjustment.

All the Ways to Open the Easy Open Trunk

The Easy Open trunk feature on the 2016 Passat is very enjoyable to have, but only if you know how to use it properly. The easiest way to get the trunk open is to simply put your foot up underneath the trunk of the vehicle itself. As long as you have the keyfob on you the sensor down below will see your foot and trigger the trunk to open.

If you don’t want to use that feature, or you prefer a more hands-off approach, you can double tap the trunk button on the keyfob itself. This unlocks the trunk and pops it up.

While inside the cabin of the vehicle you can pull down the trunk lever on the driver’s door to open up the trunk.

If you’re standing behind the car and it’s unlocked but you don’t have the keyfob, you can put your finger over a small microswitch that’s just under the VW logo on a lip of the trunk.

That’s every way to open up the trunk and it’s safe to say that you’ll always have some way to get into your car.

Changing the Manual Seat Position

Volkswagen vehicles are known for being ergonomic and offering excellent support. To really take advantage of this support you have to understand how to adjust the manual seat, and there are four different adjustment levers that you’ll be using.

Move it Forward or Back

To slide the seat forward or back, you pull up the lever positioned in front of the seat itself. Then you can slide it to the desired position.

Raise or Lower the Seat

To raise the seat it up or lower it down close rto the floor you need to use the rear lever on the left side of the seat. Pull it up to raise the seat and push it down to lower it. You’ll likely have to raise or lower the lever several times until you get it to the desired position.

Adjust the Seat Back

To adjust the angle of the seat back you use the front lever on the left side of the seat. Pull it up and you can lean forward or back to adjust the angle of the seat. It’s simple to do and you can get just the right position in mere seconds before getting going.

Modify the Lumbar Support

Finally there is the lumbar support portion of the seat itself. To adjust this you move the seat mounted on the seat back itself. To increase the amount of the support you pull it toward the front of the vehicle and to decrease the support you push the lever back toward the rear of the vehicle.

Volkswagen Makes it Clear How Invested it is into Electric Vehicle Technology

January 27, 2016


Volkswagen is quickly realizing the value of electric vehicles with the success of the e-Golf and recently decided to put more emphasis toward producing quality electric vehicles. Not only did the company recently approve an electric hippie van, but it also just decided to open up an electric division that’s going to focus on producing a huge number of electric vehicles in the coming years. This seems like a pretty good move for the company and something that will help it prepare for the future while other automakers continue to focus on what’s worked in the past.

budd-e VW electric van

The Electric Hippie Van

Volkswagen showed off BUDD-e at the 2016 CES, a full electric hippie van that plays off the original Bulli. The concept was well-regarded and relies on a pretty substantial set of batteries that should enable it to travel between 200 and 300 miles on a single charge.

Volkswagen was happy to announce the fast charge feature of the van that allows it to charge up to 80 percent power in just 15 minutes time. The little van seems like a cool novelty vehicle that would never get produced by a giant automaker like VW, but the company actually greenlit the tiny van for production and it’s expected to be released to the public by 2020. There’s no telling if the range will go up between now and then thanks to battery improvements, but it’s a pretty cool little vehicle that a niche group of people will want badly.

VW’s New Electric Division

Volkswagen realizes that as a massive company it simply can’t change quickly, at least not while acting as a full company. In order to make the rapid changes that it needs to to stay at the head of the industry the company needs to segment itself into many smaller companies that can all act according to their core business models and goals. That’s why Volkswagen created a small electric subdivision of the company that’s dedicated to producing full-electric and hybrid versions of vehicles to sell to the market.

The subdivision has a goal of releasing 20 additional hybrid or full-electric models to the market by 2020. This would be a major improvement to electric tech being sold around the country and it shows that Volkswagen doesn’t see electric vehicles as a fad or as a gimmick to improve fuel economy for the real mass-market selling vehicles.

Volkswagen is showing just how invested it is in electric vehicles, and it looks a lot like the automaker plans on basing its future around the technology as much as possible.

Why You Should be Excited about the Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Concept Vehicle

January 20, 2016

Ahead of the Detroit Auto Show Volkswagen is already releasing details about its Tiguan GTE Active Concept vehicle, and the details that are out are pretty exciting. It looks to be a pretty revolutionary hybrid vehicle and something worth getting excited about. It’s setup differently than most hybrids, and has a respectable all-electric range to boot. This isn’t the first time that Volkswagen’s shown off a hybrid Tiguan, but it’s a new concept that’s worth noting.

tiguan gte active concept

Traction Boosting Powertrain

A hybrid powertrain is nothing new, but the way that the Tiguan is set up is pretty exciting. It comes with a powertrain that relies on two electric motors instead of the classic setup with just a single powertrain. Sure it’s not the first electric vehicle to use this setup, but it is one of just a few hybrids that makes use of two different electric motors.

The system sets up an electric motor at each of the two axles to enable all-wheel drive even without help from the fossil fuel engine at all. That’s different from how most automakers set up their electric motors, even if they do make use of two. With the setup you’ll be able to enjoy up to 20 miles of all-electric driving upon startup and will enjoy all-wheel drive even when using just the electric motors. That’s something to get excited about and a cool feature that should be brought to every hybrid.

The system comes with regenerative braking and coasting features to make it as energy efficient as possible.

A Turbocharged Engine

To bolster its efficiency the Tiguan GTE Active Concept comes with a turbocharged motor that offers 148 HP and a pretty massive 184 lb.-ft. of torque bringing the total level of torque up to a formidable amount. When relying on both electric motors as well as the turbocharged engine the SUV can go from 0 to 60 in just 6.4 seconds. That’s blisteringly fast for an SUV and it can make it to 120 MPH without problems which is also pretty good for a hybrid vehicle.

Adjustable Traction Control

Drivers using the concept can easily adjust it to face different off-road conditions. Switching between Sand, Snow, Gravel, Rocks and Sludge will give the vehicle different handling characteristics that are inherently better for the situation than one of the other modes. The high level of adjustability makes the built-in traction system much more capable and useful for riders who want to drive over diverse terrain.

Along with the adjustable traction Volkswagen decided to give the vehicle 1.8 inches of added ground clearance for use on more rocky terrain.

Will this Powerhouse be Released?

The answer to this is yes and no. No Volkswagen isn’t likely to release the concept as it stands, but the automaker will likely release a very close version into the United States in the future. It’s likely it wouldn’t make it stateside until 2017, and when it does the hybrid version will be well-worth taking a look at. The advanced powertrain setup is something to get excited about and should make owning the vehicle much more enjoyable.

If you’ve been wanting a modern hybrid SUV with a decent electric driving range the next Tiguan could be just the thing for you. There’s no word on the exact fuel efficiency you can expect from the vehicle, but it should be pretty darned good thanks to the cleverly crafted powertrain, including that small turbocharged engine.

The Next e-Golf Will Have an Improved Range

January 13, 2016

Volkswagen already had a pretty solid vehicle with the e-Golf. It’s not designed for long-distance trips, but is an economical vehicle for shorter commutes. Even long-distance commutes are possible with the vehicle with charging stations at work to top up before heading home. If you liked the e-Golf when it got over 80 miles on a single charge, you’ll love it after the latest improvement that Volkswagen plans.

2015 egolf

What’s the Improvement

Volkswagen is taking the current battery in the e-Golf and improving on it. They will replace it with another battery that looks pretty much identical. The only difference is that it’s denser. It holds about 30 percent more power than the outgoing battery. That means you’ll be able to drive approximately 30 percent farther or 108 miles on a charge. That’s a pretty big improvement that will make the car work for longer-distance trips. If you were on the fence about the car before this could be just the push you need to get one.

Making More Trips

The increased range of the new e-Golf will make it possible to travel to more locations. You can travel longer distances either one way or two ways. Some professionals who couldn’t utilize an electric vehicle before because of the range will now be able to consider the option. Not only that but the car becomes more useful for local travel because you can make multiple trips throughout the day instead of just one.

Comparing to the Leaf

The Nissan Leaf got out ahead of the e-Golf when it boosted its range to 107 miles. That’s about to change with the latest improvement to the e-Golf. That means things like aesthetics and features can push the Golf ahead of the Leaf once again with range out of the equation.

Getting One

If you’re interested in the new and improved e-Golf you can’t go out and buy one just yet. Volkswagen still hasn’t announced which models of the e-Golf are going to get the range increase and more information and the actual vehicles themselves won’t be available until summer. If you’re interested just keep your eyes open and look out for the technology. You might be surprised at how soon it becomes available.

This improvement to the e-Golf might not seem that major to you, but anyone looking to travel just a bit farther with the car will really love the enhancement. Even people who don’t leave town will enjoy having extra range just in case they need to detour out of the way on the way home. It’s nice to have options, and that’s what this increase provides.

Volkswagen Shows off a Hybrid Tiguan

January 7, 2016

Volkswagen recently put its Tiguan GTE Active Concept on display. It’s a hybrid version of the Tiguan that’s all-wheel drive thanks to a pair of electric motors at the rear. It’s designed to be a mix between performance and off-road capable, and the SUV will offer plenty of power and ground clearance for driving in most conditions. It’s a cool concept and will hopefully make it to an actual vehicle to expand the automaker’s hybrid lineup further.

tiguan gte active concept

Selectable Handling

It’s easier to take on the elements or to tear up an open roadway when your vehicle knows what type of terrain its crossing. That’s why there are different selectable driving modes. The driver can choose from six different settings, four of which are all focused on different driving conditions.

Off-Road, On-Road, Snow and Sport modes give the Tiguan more capable handling depending on what type of terrain your crossing. If you really want to push the vehicle to the max Sport mode is a good indicator of its power while Snow mode will handle slippery conditions more capably.

The final two modes both have to do with the electric battery. Charge converts the engine into a generator and begins topping up the battery. Hold maintains the battery level so you can use battery power at a later time.

Running on Battery Power

The Tiguan is designed to start every trip on electric power only. It uses the battery juice to spin the rear wheels and get rolling. This is designed to enhance fuel efficiency and to enable you to leave your house quietly in the morning. The SUV is capable of going 20 miles on battery power alone, which is pretty impressive for a hybrid vehicle.

Built with Power and Handling in Mind

The Tiguan doesn’t come packed with a huge amount of power. It has a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that offers 148 HP and 184 lb.-ft. of torque. When you add in the electric motors you get an extra 54 HP at the front and 114 HP up front bringing up the total to a more respectable 221 HP all together. All that power is handled with a six-speed dual-clutch setup that directs the power smoothly and capably.

Improved Off-Road Handling

This Tiguan has boosted ground clearance and offers 8.9 inches of clearance for improved handling on rocky or uneven terrain. It makes it possible to drive places you wouldn’t normally drive. That’s the benefit of using this Tiguan and will make it more enjoyable for camping. The vehicle also comes with a pair of replaceable front and rear skid plates for added protection, off-road tires and a pair of rear tow hooks.

Improved Media System

What good would a modern-day hybrid SUV be if it didn’t have a modern entertainment system as well? This all-new hybrid Tiguan comes packed with the latest media technology from Volkswagen. Gesture controls, app support and a touchscreen designed for simplicity so that you can navigate without confusion.

It’s hard to say if Volkswagen is going to move ahead with the technology and release this hybrid Tiguan out into the wild. It’s a cool idea and something I believe would catch on, but there’s no guarantee the company will decide to sell it to the general public.

Looking over the 2016 Volkswagen Beetle

December 31, 2015


If you’re a Volkswagen fan chances are good that you like the Beetle and that you’ve operated one and likely owned one at some point. It’s one of the most popular compact vehicles on the market and exudes value and class while other compacts just try to be affordable. The 2016 Beetle brings with it a slew of changes but still manages to hold onto that Beetle charm that’s won so many supporters over the years.

2016 vw beetle

Bigger and Badder

The latest Beetle is markedly larger than the outgoing model, but you wouldn’t know that by looking at it. In fact, the latest Beetle looks around the same size as the older model thanks to careful design decisions. It’s quite a bit wider and has massively flared fenders that accentuate that wideness even more. The wide stance offsets the longer body so you still have a compact car look with more space for everyone.

The stylish Bi-Xenon headlights, wider taillights and daytime running lights give the Beetle class. The frameless windows create a clean look to the exterior and chrome mirror caps just add a bit of additional bling to make the car pop.

Slide in

Once you’re inside the vehicle you’ll notice how roomy it is. You have space to spare within and there is more than enough trunk space to store a week’s worth of groceries with ease. The front seats are large enough to accommodate large adults well and the rear seats are spacious for three children or two shorter adults.

If you want a distinctive looking interior that’s exactly what you get with the 2016 Beetle. The dash is the same color as the outside paint job and believe me it pops out at you. The multimedia system in the new Beetle is very capable. You get a solid touchscreen that’s quick and simple to use, and it comes with both USB and aux-in ports. Deep door pockets and a large center console offer ample device and drink storage. The doors rely on an elastic material to expand storage space even more in those pockets.

The Feature Set

The Beetle comes with a whole slew of features that make it a pretty good value. Right with the base package you get keyless entry, push-button start and automatic headlights. You also get cruise control and dual-zone climate control. Many of those features are things you won’t see on other compact cars. The Beetle also comes with plenty of safety features. It has 6 airbags, ABS and a hill hold assist function.

The latest Beetle is modern but it still has that classic look to it that can’t help but be charming. If you’re looking for an iconic vehicle with a modern flair, the 2016 Beetle is it. It’s comfortable to drive, has plenty of power for smooth acceleration and comes packed with all the comfort features that you would expect out of a new vehicle today.


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