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Volkswagen Considers China for a Battery Plant Location

June 29, 2016

Volkswagen is an automaker known for being one of the largest and most successful, but sometimes to be successful you have to be flexible. That’s exactly what the automaker plans to do in the future with the type of vehicles that it’s going to produce. VW is planning on a big push toward battery-powered vehicles, and in order to do that it must set up some massive battery production plants. The automaker is currently searching for locations to get set up in, but it appears that China is at the top of the list.

Volkswagen Budd-E Concept

Volkswagen Budd-E Concept

Electric Vehicles Will be a Big Part of Volkswagen’s Future

Volkswagen expects about one third of all the vehicles it produces to be electrically powered in 2025. In order to hit those kind of figures the automaker will be selling hundreds of thousands of vehicles a year, and will need about 10 massive battery factories that will cost the company 2.4 billion each. Do the math and you’ll see that’s 24 million dollars invested in just battery cells and battery packs. At that kind of scale Volkswagen should be able to produce batteries more effectively than most other automakers, which will give the company a big advantage when it comes to electric vehicles.

Why China Makes Sense

China makes sense as the first location for a Volkswagen battery plant for a few different reasons. The first is that the Chinese government is one of the most motivated to switch to battery powered automobiles. The country is dealing with serious smog and air pollution issues at the moment that are only growing more troublesome. While other countries are looking to cut down on the pollution released by their vehicles, China just wants to get rid of that pollution entirely to combat the problem. Electrification is the simplest solution to that problem, and China is pushing for the tech in a big way.

With China so interested in battery power there are two different reasons Volkswagen will benefit. The first is that they have a willing partner that might even fund part of the creation of that very first factory. This will allow VW to test out the facility and make sure it’s going to offer what it needs, while cutting down investment costs in the process.

The second reason that China makes sense is because Volkswagen will have an established location for producing electric vehicles in a location where many people are soon going to want to purchase them. It makes sense to build products as close to your customers as possible, and Volkswagen expects many of those customers to be in China.

Whether or not the company decides to go with China, or to produce those huge facilities to begin with still remains to be seen.  Either way, big changes are coming to Volkswagen soon, and they should help push the company to an even higher and more exciting position for autobuyers interested in modern vehicles and what they can do.

Get the Golf GTI Sport Trim for Performance

June 23, 2016

Many Volkswagen Golf owners are just looking for a fuel efficient vehicle that’s fun to drive. If that’s you there’s no reason that you shouldn’t go for one of the base models of the vehicle and avoid one of the upper level models. If you’re after the highest level of performance that you can get, while spending the least amount of money, you should consider getting the Golf GTI Sport Trim instead. Sure it’s a bit more expensive than the stock trim, but it brings with it all the performance goodies of the performance package for you to enjoy.

2016 Golf GTI

The Many Shapes and Types of the Volkswagen Golf

When you decide to get a Volkswagen Golf, you are really deciding to get a wide variety of cars. You could be getting a sleek and sexy two door sedan that’s built for speed, or four-door hatch that’s designed for smooth family cruising and plenty of storage space. It’s important to know which Golf model you’re interested in before you place an order, and the only way to really determine that is to take a look at the various options in person. Head out to your local Volkswagen dealership and take a look at the many different Golf models on offer.

Getting the Most Performance for Your Money

If you’re interested in getting the highest level of performance for your money, the best thing you can do is purchase the Golf Sport Trim. It comes with a bunch of performance upgrades that you can’t get on the base trim of the vehicle. You’ll enjoy Torque-sensing, a 10 HP power boost and electronically controlled Golf R brakes. Together all of these features turn the Golf into a much more agile and powerful vehicle. You’ll enjoy racing and weaving around corners more in the vehicle, and you don’t have to pay that much more for it either.

Added Goodies

On top of the performance benefits that you’ll enjoy with the Golf Sport Trim, you’ll also enjoy some added features that improve the look and feel of the Golf. The tires are upgraded to 18-inch Nogaro wheels. Black mirror caps and LED daytime running lights help to enhance the appearance of the vehicle further. There are also special floor mats and keyless entry and ignition. Overall you get a lot of additional features and improvements when you upgrade to the Sport Trim level over the base model, and it’s surprisingly affordable.

If you are considering getting a Golf sedan, take a look at the different trim levels and the features that come with each of them. That’s the only way to really determine which is going to be the best for you, and which you should strongly reconsider getting.

Volkswagen to Update Navigation to Handle Traffic

June 14, 2016

Driving in a major city is often more of a hassle than it has to be because of traffic jams, construction and other issues that you aren’t expecting. This is more than enough to keep many people from wanting to drive around at all, but what if you had a tool to help you get around more efficiently built right into your vehicle. That’s exactly what Volkswagen is planning on offering to its drivers in the future, and you likely won’t even realize it’s happening when the feature kicks in.

volkswagen navigation

GPS Traffic Navigation

The new Volkswagen system is designed to help you get around traffic conditions and other slows in traffic by making use of live traffic data that it keeps track of. The system learns the ways that you typically travel for work or other everyday activities, and it helps you get around the slowdowns that you run into as you travel. You’ll be directed down different roads depending on the traffic conditions and will end up getting to your destination in less time thanks to the help that you’re provided.

How it Works

The system simply uses live traffic data collected from outside sources and then merges that with the standard road directions to help you come up with the most optimal route to follow along with. The roads that are recommended to you will bring you around most traffic slowdowns so that you do not have to worry about wasting time sitting in a jam.

Benefitting from the Feature

The feature is set to be released on new Volkswagen vehicles in the future, but there isn’t information about whether or not the automaker is going to offer the feature on older vehicles as well. Once traffic navigation is added into the standard Volkswagen GPS features it’s possible it will be added into older vehicles as well.

It’s a feature that could help alleviate traffic congestion around the world, and something that will likely speed up driving for everyone once most people begin relying on the feature to get around.


The 2016 Golf Sportwagen is an Ideal Family Sedan

June 8, 2016

Most families decide to move up to Vans or SUVs as they grow in size. That’s not always necessary though, and the Volkswagen Golf SportWagen is proof of that. This lengthy Golf offers roomy seating for up to five passengers, and can be used to carry around more luggage than you might expect. It’s comfortable to ride in and comes packed with tech and utility features that will make you happy to be the owner. Sure it isn’t quite as spacious as an SUV or minivan, but with a small car feel you’ll be grateful for that while you weave in and out of traffic.

2016 golf sportwagen

Roomy for Drivers

One of the nicest things that a driver of the SportWagen will notice immediately is just how much room there is to sit and remain comfortable. If you’re tired of feeling cramped when you head off a trip in a small sedan, that isn’t an issue in the Golf Sportwagen You’ll almost feel like you’re behind the wheel of an SUV as you motor around the interstates or just around town. That’s because there is ample leg room above and on the sides of you. Not only that, but you have the space to slide your seat back enough to accommodate even very tall drivers. If driving room and comfort are high on your list of priorities, you’ll enjoy the SportWagen for this very reason.

Parking Ease

Parking is a hassle if you live in a city or have to travel to one regularly; that’s why being able to maneuver and effectively back up are very real concerns for vehicle owners in these areas. I’m happy to report to you that the 2016 Golf SportWagen is simple and easy to park. That’s because it comes standard with a rear view camera, and it has a set of parking sensors that will let you know when you’re getting too close to other objects, like say a car behind you or a curb. As you back into a tight spot you’ll always know how much room you have available and you’ll be much less likely to bump anyone thanks to the warnings going off.

Feels Small with Seating Space to Spare

While driving around the SportWagen you’ll be able to tuck into tight spots and weave in and out of heavily parked streets without issue. That’s because this sedan is relatively slim compared to your everyday SUV. That means you’ll enjoy the handling characteristics of a small car as you drive around, but that doesn’t mean that you or your passengers have to be cramped in. The seating both front and back is quite spacious. There is so much seating space that even adults could clamber into the back of the car and ride around in comfort, though most people will likely rely on the rear seats for children.

Storage Space Galore

When you get a sedan like the SportWagen, you’re obviously interested in trunk hatch space. Whether you have luggage, groceries, or just a bunch of camping gear that you need to move around, it’s good to know that you have space available when you need it. This is especially true for owners with children who will be occupying the back seats of the vehicle. That’s why it’s so nice being able to report that the SportWagen has room to spare in the rear. You can fit a full-sized folding stroller, you could stuff in a bunch of family luggage, a month’s worth of groceries, or really most other standard items that you’d want to carry around for the weekend, or even a week-long trip. Heck, you could probably even fit in all your camping gear as long as you don’t pack too heavy.

The 2016 Golf SportWagen is a solid performer for mid-sized families looking for comfortable riding space and that highly coveted small-car handling. You get it all with this sedan and it comes at a reasonable price that’s far less than most SUVs as well.

Volkswagen Mulls Over a Gigafactory

June 1, 2016

According to Handelsblatt, a German business newspaper, Volkswagen is considering building a huge factory similar to what Tesla has to produce batteries. This Gigafactory of sorts, will reportedly cost around $11 Billion, and would be used to help the automaker produce its own batteries for electric vehicles, rather than relying on a company like Samsung or Panasonic to take care of that work.

Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla Gigafactory

Where will the Factory Go?

The location of the factory is likely to be right over top of an existing VW factory in Salzgitter. This is the current location of an internal combustion engine production facility. The factory could be just the thing that Volkswagen needs to be competitive in expanding EV marketplace and it’s something that could change the whole perception of the Volkswagen brand.

Catching up to Competitors

Currently Volkswagen only offers four different EV or hybrid models of its vehicles, but the automaker is hard at working developing a modular electric vehicle platform that could allow up to 20 different EV’s or plug-in hybrid vehicles to exist. By 2020 Volkswagen plans on selling about 75,000 electric vehicles annually, and the automaker has a much more lofty goal for 2025.

The Main Goal

Volkswagen believes that it can stand out in the automotive world once again by offering some of the best electric vehicles available. By 2025 the automaker plans on selling around 1 million electric vehicles a year. A number it says will help it meet emissions requirements while also supplying a growing market with vehicles that it’s clamoring for.

No decision has been made about the Gigafactory as of yet. The Volkswagen board isn’t expected to come to a decision about the significant expense until June 22 during an important meeting. That could determine the whole future of the company, and just how successful the automotive giant is going forward. It’s an exciting time to be an EV enthusiast, and it seems that most automakers are going to offer some sort of electric vehicle in the future as technology develops and progresses.

The 2016 Golf R is More Potent than it Looks

May 24, 2016

In an era when sports cars are long and sleek, hot hatches stand out from the pack. They’re seriously different and many people don’t like them for that reason, but they have a lot to offer to drivers looking for impressive performance and the versatility of decent sized storage and seating space. The 2016 Volkswagen Golf R is an excellent example of that useful combination. With the vehicle you get serious speed and acceleration, thanks to a nearly 300 HP engine, and you get enough space to drive around with four or five people comfortably and some luggage as well.

2016 Volkswagen Golf R

Fun Performance

There’s nothing quite so fun as getting behind the wheel of a seemingly innocuous vehicle, and stepping on the pedal to feel a real surge of unexpected power. That’s exactly what you get from the Golf R. It doesn’t look too much different than the standard Golf, but all that changes when you get behind the wheel. Not only is it equipped with performance-focused seats, but it has more than enough power to push you back against those seats when you stomp down on the pedal.

The steering wheel offers exceptional feedback and road feel, and you’ll be able to navigate around corners with precision when driving this car. While some hot hatches feel clunky, and difficult to handle, that isn’t the case with the Golf R. You always feel completely in control, and it’s clear that the car was designed carefully to respond exceedingly well when traveling on the track or on the highway.

Comfortable and Upscale

Though the Golf R is tuned for performance, and is a bit stiffer than a traditional passenger vehicle, it’s still very comfortable to go down the road in. Road noise is dulled nicely and the seats within the vehicle are soft and supportive. The cabin is nicely outfitted and has a bit of racing edge to all the various finishes.

Powerful but Unassuming

There are plenty of sports cars out on the road today that look like sports cars. They are flashy and have heavily defined features that stand out. This vehicle isn’t one of those. While it offers sports-car level performance, it doesn’t have the flashy look that you would typically expect of such a vehicle. There are only a few slight differences in appearance between the GTI and the R that let you know that it’s built for speed. The first is a large set of brakes that offer more stopping power. The second is a bright set of calipers that are common on sports cars. Other than that you’ll notice four exhaust pipes coming out the back, R badging around the vehicle, and blue accent stitching on the interior. Other than that the vehicle looks about the same, and you can drive it around without drawing too much attention to yourself.

The Golf R is certainly a step up from the standard 2016 Golf GTI, but it’s a step that’s only going to be right for certain people. It will lower the fuel efficiency of the vehicle in favor of power, it also raises the price of the vehicle significantly, boosting it from around $20,000 to nearly $40,000, and that’s a difference only some people will be comfortable with. It’s a lot of fun though, and once you’re behind the wheel you won’t want to stop driving this little hatch.

The 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan: Bigger and More Affordable

May 21, 2016

The 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan comes along with plenty of changes that autobuyers might not expect, one of which is likely a smaller price tag compared to the outgoing model that buyers are still picking up today.

2017 Volkswagen Tiguan

When is it Available?

The 2017 Tiguan is expected to become available at dealerships this fall. That means you still have half a year before you can get your hands on the latest SUV from VW. Over that time you can learn about all the different features offered with the latest Tiguan, as well as the different options that you can pick and choose from. It’s an exciting option for those interested in a flexible SUV, and with the option to add a third row seat it can be a solution for drivers with large families as well.

Bigger and More Flexible?

The 2017 Tiguan is going to be the first mid-sized SUV from Volkswagen that’s based on the new modular MQB platform. In switching to this platform Volkswagen is also increasing the size of the SUV by more than four inches and making an optional third row available to buyers with large families. That means you’ll be able to bring along more people while you ride down the road, and won’t have to worry about where you’ll stick your child’s school friend when they want to come over for a sleepover any longer.

Why Might it Be Cheaper?

The Tiguan is expected to be a bit more affordable than the $25,755 base price of the 2016 model because it is now being produced in Mexico instead of Germany. The change in location means that production will be more affordable at the facility, and that the cars won’t have to be transported as far before being sold to customers in the United States. Both of those cost-savings could ultimately lead to a more affordable SUV being sold by Volkswagen in the end.

The latest Tiguan is expected to come with a range of tech improvements as well as some visual enhancements and a more modern look overall. Unfortunately not all those details are out yet, and it’s hard to say exactly what you’ll be getting with the latest Tiguan. More details are sure to be released as the 2017 Tiguan release date gets closer, so keep an eye out to see if it’s going to be an SUV you’re interested in or not.


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