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Keep Resale Value in Mind When Buying Your Car

November 19, 2015

No matter what type of vehicle you buy, you should consider what type of resale value you’re going to get after making your purchase. Most vehicle owners sell off their cars or trucks at some point. If you believe that you’re going to sell yours off as well at some point it’s important to keep a few resale boosting tips in mind before you make your purchase.



Consider Reliability

It’s proven that reliable vehicles sell at higher values used. That’s why Toyota’s, Hondas and VW vehicles all sell for higher rates used than some other automaker vehicles do. When you’re looking into vehicles to buy you should try to find one of the most reliable options. It will save you money in terms of reduced repairs and maintenance costs and will likely sell for more as well.

Go with Popular Options

Popular options helps a used vehicle sell. Most buyers like an automatic transmission and they prefer to have air conditioning. If you buy a vehicle that’s outfitted with the most popular features you are more likely to get more money out of it when it comes time to sell it off. Consider going with a more popular color and feature-set when making a purchase so that you’ll get some more money out of your vehicle when it’s time to sell it off

Take Care of it

After you buy a vehicle with resale in mind, it’s important that you take care of it. A well cared-for car is going to sell for much more than one that you don’t give much consideration. Spend some time and money washing and vacuuming it. Take care to avoid smoking in the vehicle and keep any service records that you have along the way. Detailed service records show that you care about the vehicle and keeping it in good shape.

Getting the most out of your vehicle when you decide to sell it will help make your investment a better one. For instance. If you buy a car for $40,000 and you sell it for $28,000 in five years, you effectively paid $12,000 for that vehicle. If you buy a car for $15,000 and take so poor care of it that you only get $1,500 in 10 years you actually spent more on the cheaper vehicle at $13,500. Sure the values are close, but you could have been enjoying the higher value vehicle all along without paying much more for it over that time.
When you buy a vehicle you aren’t just choosing what you’ll be driving, you’re also choosing what you sell. A bargain might seem nice when you buy, but it’s going to be more difficult to sell later on as well. When you go in for that new vehicle, make sure that you go in with those things in mind.

Get a Load of the Newest Denim Beetle

November 10, 2015

If you think back to some of the older VW Beetles you might remember the special edition vehicles that came with denim upholstery. They were pretty popular at the time and let’s face it, who doesn’t want to drive around while sitting on a pair of jeans? That’s why Volkswagen has decided to bring back the Denim special edition Beetle once again, giving buyers the exciting opportunity to pick up a modern take on this unique concept.

New York International Auto Show 2015

How it’s Customized

The first piece of customization that you’ll notice when gazing at the denim Beetle is the convertible top. It’s finished in a dark blue color and has a textured fabric that looks similar to denim. It’s designed to give you that classy denim look without wearing out quite as fast as denim and while offering more weather protection so you can drive around in the rain without getting all wet.

Within the vehicle you’ll see a few major customizations that make the Beetle stand out without taking away from its appeal. The first is a light blue and silver dashboard that helps the interior go better with the custom seats. The seats look like they’re finished in denim, though it’s just a textured fabric that’s made to look like denim. At the back of each seat you see what appears to be an oversized jeans back pocket with a small red Beetle tag along the side of each of the pockets. This really helps to give the interior an authentic denim appearance.

VW Beetle Denim

The customized seats benefit from white piping and dark blue leatherette accents to help pull it all together. Other than those customizations what you get is basically the same brand new Beetle that everyone else is getting. It’s packed with tech features and designed to be fun to drive while standing out from other vehicles. That standard Beetle styling still shows through and makes the car into something special to own, the denim variation is just a bit more special and a fun customization that denim fans will enjoy having.
If you’re thinking about picking up a new Volkswagen Beetle you should try and see the Denim special edition of the vehicle. It won’t appeal to everyone, but it’s one of those things that people either love or hate. If you’re one of the people that loves the concept and the look of the car then you’ll want to consider picking one up.

A Volkswagen is Used for 1500 Mile Autonomous Trip in Mexico

November 4, 2015

Autonomous driving is an exciting idea and it’s something that is constantly being proven as a possibility. Recently Raul Rojas and a team of researchers  made a 1,500 mile trip along a lengthy strip of Mexico roads in a high-tech Volkswagen vehicle. The trip is just another show of how much autonomous driving technology has improved, but Rojas says there is still quite a ways to go before cars are driving themselves for consumers.

Autonomous Volkswagen

The Trip

The trip stretched from Nogales to Mexico City and it took about a week to complete. During that time span the vehicle traveled between 250 and 300 miles every day.

The Gear

In order to drive on its own, the vehicle relies on seven different laser scanners, nine video cameras, seven radars and a highly accurate GPS. Together these systems give the vehicle a detailed image of the surrounding environment and make it possible to drive around without input from a driver at all.

Getting Ready for the Trip

Before Rojas and the rest of his crew could head to Mexico to complete the lengthy trip, they took the car through over 4,000 miles of steady driving to gather data. Along the way a bunch of data was picked up and possible glitches were fixed in the system to make it more reliable.

Not Ready for Consumers

While details of these lengthy trips without input from a driver are very impressive and highly promising, they aren’t proof that the vehicles are ready for consumer use. According to Rojas, in order for the cars to operate safely and handle an array of obstacles and a changing environment they have to be prepared with a highly detailed map. The map has to have lane markings, exits, traffic lights and all the other details noted so that the vehicles can operate properly. Sure the cars don’t rely on the maps for everything, but without detailed maps the vehicles aren’t nearly as capable of making proper decisions while driving around.

Rojas says that these maps aren’t commercially available in many countries and automakers actually have to produce their own in order to make the vehicles drive autonomously. That’s a lot of work and not something that many automakers are going to want to do for each and every road around the country. More than likely there will have to be a specialized company that comes out with these highly detailed maps for all the automakers and that just sells the data to the automakers for use in their vehicles.

Even with obstacles like the map issue automakers remain confident that self-driving vehicles will be commercially available in the near future. How soon is still difficult to say, but most companies believe that the technology will start going on sale within the next five years and some automakers like Toyota are already stating their intentions to offer the technology within the next five to seven years.  

What You Get with Android Auto in the New Volkswagen Vehicles

October 26, 2015

Android Auto is one of the leading media system software suites for vehicles today, and it just received support in the 2016 Volkswagen Lineup. That means that if you pick one of the 2016 Volkswagen vehicles, you’ll be able to make use of Android’s Auto apps created by third party software developers. This is a better solution than proprietary software developed by automakers because it offers more options to the public and should generally improve the quality of the apps as well, but how is the overall experience of the technology? Let’s find out.

2016 VW android auto

What You Get

Here’s an overview of all the major features that you get with Android Auto, there are quite a few of them, but more are expected to be released as time goes by.

  • Weather
  • Google Maps
  • Spotify
  • Google Play Music
  • NPR One
  • iHeartRadio
  • Pandora
  • PocketCasts
  • BeyondPod
  • Player.FM
  • OpenTable

Using the Apps

All the available apps are organized into a neat little menu and you can easily look through them and decide which you want to make use of. You don’t have to have all the apps aviaalble on your device, but there are likely several that you will want to use. Whether you are trying to navigate around town, or you want to make a restaurant reservation you can do it all using your vehicle instead of your smartphone.

The media system is snappy and you can open up and close apps very easily and quickly. That means that you can access a variety of cool features in your vehicle and you won’t have to wait for slow menus like you would have to with an older media system.

Using Voice Controls

One of the biggest perks of Android Auto is that you can now control many of your favorite apps using your voice while driving down the road. Voice controls can be used to make phone calls, to look up information and to select songs that you want to hear. There are a few features that won’t work very well with voice controls, and not all the Android Auto apps support voice commands, but when you use the ones that do you can get more done without taking your eyes off the road. That’s a definite bonus for the media system and a good reason to give it a try if you are a frequent driver looking for a simpler way to access your media.

Android Auto still needs a bit of refining, but overall you get a very solid package in the 2016 VW Golf R and it should be a similar experience in most of the 2016 VW vehicles as well.

The 2016 Jetta Combines Speed and Safety

October 19, 2015

Safe cars are slowly becoming more of a priority for Americans. Many are turning in their convertibles and their tiny coupes in favor of large SUVs to help up their safety. With so many car crashes happening each and every year it makes a lot of sense to make safety a real priority, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to sacrifice all your speed. There are cars that provide speed, performance and safety in one, and the 2016 Volkswagen Jetta is one of those options.

2016 VW jetta

Highly Safe

The International Institute for Highway Safety does comprehensive safety tests on each of the consumer vehicles sold each year. After doing all the testing, the vehicles are given a rating that lets consumers know just how safe they really are. The cars get a rating that ends at Top Safety Pick+. That’s the rating that every automaker tries for with each of their vehicles, but many fall short. Fortunately for every 2016 Jetta Driver, Volkswagen did not. The car received the top safety distinction and it’s known for being a very safe vehicle. It’s even safer when you opt for the Driver Assistance package that comes with things like Adaptive Cruise control, and

Zero to Sixty in a Flash

Not only is the Jetta a highly safe family vehicle, it’s also relatively quick too. It manages to travel from 0 to 60 in just seven seconds. Sure that’s not going to rival most sports cars, but for a family sedan that’s certainly light on its feet. You’ll be delighted with how quick the Jetta picks up, and it manages a top speed of up to 125 MPH, allowing you to go as fast as you like in most any situation. It’s not a track car, but there’s no denying that the latest Jetta is a lot of fun to drive.

Comfortable Within

The Jetta isn’t a luxury car, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ride in comfort. The interior is clean and the seats are comfortable. Most important there is plenty of space at the back of the vehicle. This means that a family of four can travel around in comfort while using the Jetta, but you won’t feel like you’re in an oversized vehicle to travel to and from work either.

A Solid Value

With an MSRP of just 17,680, the 2016 Volkswagen Jetta is an excellent value overall. Not only does the car perform well, but it’s safe and can be relied upon to retain its value over time. The Jetta is a solid family sedan, and it’s something that you can really enjoy on the commutes to work as well.

A Slew of Volkswagen Vehicles Get the Top Safety Pick Plus Distinction

October 12, 2015

Volkswagen vehicles are known for being well built, so it should come to no surprise to anyone that several VW vehicles received top safety ratings from the IIHS. If you’re looking for a good reliable family vehicle, and you want something that’s going to hold up in a crash as well, you may want to look in VW’s direction.

2016 VW jetta
Top Safety Pick Plus Level Safety

The IIHS or International Institute for Highway Safety gives out a few different ratings when it does its safety testing, but the Top Safety Pick + designation is the best you can get from their point of view.  The Jetta as well as the Golf 4-door, the Golf GTI and the Golf SportWagon managed to receive a Top Safety Pick + rating. Whether you’re looking for a reliable commuter, or a family vehicle you can trust, consider one of these 2016 models.

The Necessary Safety Additions

In order to meet this rating the Jetta and the Golf variants both had to be equipped with the Driver Assistance Package, so keep that in mind when making the purchase. That package adds in a Post-Collision braking system as well as adaptive cruise, automatic emergency breaking and a cross traffic alert with lane departure assistance. All the features should help make the vehicles substantially safer while driving them around. The technology should help drivers avoid many of the challenges and obstructions around the road while driving. The package adds $950 to the cost of the vehicle, but for all the added safety that it provides most buyers would agree that the expense is more than worth the cost.

There isn’t any current pricing information for the vehicles, but if the 2015 model year prices are any indicator you should expect the Golf variants to be priced in the low to upper 20’s while the Jetta should come in at less than $20,000 even with the added safety package. Volkswagen vehicles are known for their reliability in general, but now they can be known for their safety as well and drivers can operate them with confidence knowing that their family truly is protected.

Get Along More Efficiently with App Connect

October 5, 2015

There are plenty of opportunities to drive more efficiently, especially when you’re travelling to locations that you don’t normally visit. Whether you’re out of town, or you simply don’t know how to find a local store that you need to visit, Volkswagen App Connect can help you get to the places you need to visit more efficiently, and make travelling more enjoyable altogether.

Navigate to Points of Interest

With App connect you can use the navigation services on your phone right through the media center of your vehicle. That means that you can search up a nearby pizza shop when you’re in need of lunch, or you can look for a coffee shop to combat that early morning sluggishness. Either way, yiou simply search for the location that you want to visit with a phrase, and you’ll be connected to the closest nearby location and given navigation information to help you get there. It’s quick, it’s efficient and it’s painfully easy.

Listen to the Good Stuff

Stop relying on the radio to supply you with the music that you want to hear. Like most people you probably have your own music collection that you rely on. Don’t make the mistake of paying for satellite radio or some other service for music that you don’t even want to hear. Instead sync up your smartphone with your vehicle and go through phone playlists right from your vehicle’s radio. You’ll have personal collections playing in no time, and it’s so easy that you’ll be left wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.

Make Important Calls with Ease

You should never have to worry about pulling out your smartphone to make or take calls while driving down the road. When you’re riding around in your VW you can simply make and take calls right off the media screen of your vehicle. The calls will be played right through the speakers of the vehicle, or if you want a bit more privacy you can sync your Bluetooth headset with your phone and use the vehicle to control your calls while talking through your personal headset.

Not only can you dial your phone easily using your car as the controller, you can also navigate through your contacts, listen to voice mails and do everything else with your hands firmly on the wheel of your vehicle.

The system is powered by Car Net and it’s available on a range of 2016 Volkswagen vehicles. If you’re sick and tired of having to fiddle with your phone while in your vehicle, the system will save you time and frustration, while letting you have access to all your useful phone systems at all times.


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