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Get Along More Efficiently with App Connect

October 5, 2015

There are plenty of opportunities to drive more efficiently, especially when you’re travelling to locations that you don’t normally visit. Whether you’re out of town, or you simply don’t know how to find a local store that you need to visit, Volkswagen App Connect can help you get to the places you need to visit more efficiently, and make travelling more enjoyable altogether.

Navigate to Points of Interest

With App connect you can use the navigation services on your phone right through the media center of your vehicle. That means that you can search up a nearby pizza shop when you’re in need of lunch, or you can look for a coffee shop to combat that early morning sluggishness. Either way, yiou simply search for the location that you want to visit with a phrase, and you’ll be connected to the closest nearby location and given navigation information to help you get there. It’s quick, it’s efficient and it’s painfully easy.

Listen to the Good Stuff

Stop relying on the radio to supply you with the music that you want to hear. Like most people you probably have your own music collection that you rely on. Don’t make the mistake of paying for satellite radio or some other service for music that you don’t even want to hear. Instead sync up your smartphone with your vehicle and go through phone playlists right from your vehicle’s radio. You’ll have personal collections playing in no time, and it’s so easy that you’ll be left wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.

Make Important Calls with Ease

You should never have to worry about pulling out your smartphone to make or take calls while driving down the road. When you’re riding around in your VW you can simply make and take calls right off the media screen of your vehicle. The calls will be played right through the speakers of the vehicle, or if you want a bit more privacy you can sync your Bluetooth headset with your phone and use the vehicle to control your calls while talking through your personal headset.

Not only can you dial your phone easily using your car as the controller, you can also navigate through your contacts, listen to voice mails and do everything else with your hands firmly on the wheel of your vehicle.

The system is powered by Car Net and it’s available on a range of 2016 Volkswagen vehicles. If you’re sick and tired of having to fiddle with your phone while in your vehicle, the system will save you time and frustration, while letting you have access to all your useful phone systems at all times.

Snow Tires are a Vital Part of Winter Driving in Northern Climates

September 30, 2015

When winter rolls around most people neglect putting on snow tires because it’s simply cheaper to continue rolling around on the all-weather tires that are put on the vehicle to begin with. This is a major mistake that can make driving unsafe, even if you have an all-wheel or four-wheel drive model vehicle to travel around in.

volkswagen snow tire

All Wheel Drive Helps

Most people who have travelled around in an all-wheel drive vehicle will attest to the fact that it handles better in the snow. It grabs the ground better, holds traction more effectively around corners and all-in-all makes for a safer driving experience, but that doesn’t mean that you’re invincible. Even with all-wheel drive you’ll likely experience poor driving conditions if you don’t have quality snow tires, and for one reason specifically, braking.


Snow Tires Really Matter While Braking

All-wheel drive helps improve traction quite a bit, though snow tires improve it further still. But all-wheel drive does little to improve winter-time braking. Whether you have all-0wheel drive, or standard drive, you’ll take around the same amount of time to slow down on top of snow. The real difference comes with the type of tires that you have. Snow tires slow down twice as fast as all-weather tires do, and that effective stopping power makes a real difference when you’re trying to avoid obstacles and brake safely.

Take a look at the graphic below and you’ll see that without snow tires it takes more than four times as long to stop in snow than it does on wet or dry ground. With snow tires the time it takes is still doubled, but much better than without snow tires. I imagine the addition of chains, studs and other measures could drop the stopping distance even further still, but the main thing to take away from the Consumer Reports’ study is that snow tires are a necessary tool to slow down when there is snow on the ground.

snow tires stopWith winter coming up fast, it’s important to go out and grab a fresh pair of snow tires if you don’t currently have them. They’ll make a very real difference on your ability to slow down when the roads coated with snow and slush. Sure they aren’t cheap, but they will extend the life of your all-weather tires, and help you stay a lot safer while driving around during the winter months.

Whether you’re driving a vehicle with all-wheel drive, four-wheel drive or standard front or rear wheel drive, make sure you get four snow tires put on. You’ll be thrilled that you did the next time you have to slow down quickly.

Unveiling the 2016 Volkswagen Passat

September 19, 2015

Volkswagen recently unveiled the 2016 Passat and the vehicle is standing out as a major improvement to the old model. While I won’t go into specifics about what improvements the vehicle has, it’s certainly more capable and classier than older models. Whether or not it’s worth the upgrade is up to you.

2016 volkswagen passat

On the Outside

The all-new Passat comes with a redesigned hood and a set of new front fenders with a modified grille and altered bumpers. Overall you get a vehicle with a sportier and more upscale style all in one. It’s slightly edgier than before, but it still has that classy family look that most buyers are going for.

The Engine

The 2016 Volkswagen Passat comes with three different engine options available. It’s possible for you to pick from two different gasoline options and a diesel. The gasoline engines are a 1.8 liter four-cylinder model or a 3.6 liter VR6 model that each offer peppy driving characteristics. The diesel is a 2.0 liter that should offer efficiency to drivers.

New Media System

Like most 2016 Volkswagen vehicles, the Passat comes with the new MIB II media system. That means that it supports Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and all those other modern vehicle media standards. The car is easier to connect to music, to navigate with and has a media system that’s more user-friendly in general. The latest media system comes with a very major improvement in screen technology. the old system used resistive touch screen sensors, the new system uses capacitive. Switch from a palm pilot to an iPhone and you’ll see what kind of difference we’re talking about. The new media system is more efficient, easier to use and much faster as well.

Advanced Safety Braking

After a crash the last thing you want to happen is for your vehicle to continue driving along. While this isn’t a common thing, it’s beneficial for the vehicle to slow down all on its own after a collision if possible, and that’s exactly what the latest Passat will do. Once a collision triggers the system the car automatically initiates the brake system to slow it down and get you to a safe stop.

No matter if you’re shopping for a car to replace the family beater, or you simply want something with new tech features that’s a bit more fun and comfortable to drive around, the 2016 Volkswagen Passat has a lot to offer to customers. It’s a capable car, it’s better looking than ever before and it comes with a bunch of new tech features that make it into a more enjoyable product overall.

The Volkswagen MIB II Media System Comes with Major Improvements

September 14, 2015

All the 2016 Volkswagen vehicles are getting a major media upgrade with the MIB II infotainment system. It’s set to be installed in all the latest vehicles and will bring with it some noticeable improvements that owners should really enjoy.


Get GPS Directions

With the MIB II system getting around will be easier than ever before. You can choose to use the built-in navigation system for your directions, or you can feed directions to the system using your smartphone. With the directions in place you can also take a look at nearby fuel prices with the SiriusXM TraveLink system that’s built in, and you can add some additional features like traffic detection for even smoother travelling.


The all-new system comes with a comprehensive connected feature known as Car-Net. This feature helps you keep track of your vehicle more effectively and helps make the vehicle safer to drive around.  The system lets Volkswagen know when the car is suffering from problems and when it’s stolen. It makes it much easier for Volkswagen to Support the car for the driver.

Connect to Modern Mobile Operating Systems

The biggest change that buyers will benefit from is the new support for modern mobile phone systems such as Apple CarPlay, MirrorPlay and Android Auto. By supporting each of these three systems most smartphone owners will be able to enjoy advanced apps on their car without having to rely on Volkswagen-specific applications that might not work as well as the standard apps do. That means that VW owners can rely on more advanced applications and will likely have more to choose from as well.

Different MIB Head Models

While each of the MIB II media systems are a major upgrade over the odler media setup, some of the systems are more capable than others, and that’s because differnet models have differnet head units. The base model comes with Bluetooth connectivity and it’s built into a 5.0-inch screen. This unit will allow you to connect your smartphone and enjoy standard navigation and media feautres, but doesn’t come with support for satellite radio, or texting with your car. The next unit up has a 6.3 to 6.5 inch touchscreen and a resolution that’s about double the first model; with 800 x 400. It comes with the SMS text feature, advanced connectivity, HD and satellite radio and a few other feautres as well. Finally at the top tier system you get a unit that’s around the same screen size, but supports 2.5D navigation and an advanced predictive direction system that accepts voice controls. Overall each system is an upgrade and worth considering. The Whole VW lineup is improved and users should enjoy the latest media upgrades no matter what they end up getting.


The 2016 Volkswagen Beetle: New and Improved

September 12, 2015

Taking a look at the 2016 Volkswagen Beetle should remind you of the Beetles of yesterday, and that’s exactly what it’s supposed to do. This classic car is designed to look very similar to some of the classic vehicles that you saw rolling around on the roads more than a decade ago. While the Beetle does have a pretty classic look to it, it has a few modern improvements designed to help it appeal to more male buyers and maybe just increase that market share a bit more.

2016 volkswagen beetle

Improved Looks

The classic look should help bring owners back in time a bit, but they will notice some key differences in the vehicle as well, and most of these are designed to bring in some more male buyers. For one thing it has a flatter and lower roofline than before. It also has a more upright windshield that

Coupe or Convertible

The 2016 Beetle is available as either a coupe or a convertible, for those who like to feel their hair flapping in the wind. Each of these two options comes with a range of powertrain and trim options as well, making the vehicles very versatile to use.

Versatile Powertrain Choices

There are two gasoline variants and a single diesel one when choosing the 2016 Beetle. The base model is a 1.8 liter four-cylinder turbo with 170 HP but if you want some serious power it makes sense to upgrade to the R-line model that has a 2.0 liter and 210 HP overall. Finally for the most efficient driver the TDI Clean Diesel is a solid option that offers 150 HP and a very powerful 236 lb.-ft. of torque. It offers up to 41 MPG on the highway, making it a very economical commuter and distance driver.

Climbing Inside

The 2016 Volkswagen Beetle is roomy in front with classy cabin appointments that give it a noticeably upscale look. The controls are all easy to reach and there is ample storage space for both the driver and front passenger to stow their gear. Things get a little dicey when you climb in the back seat though. There really isn’t much seating space, and this means that the rear should be limited to small children if comfort is the goal. It will seat five, but only three at the back backs sense for the right people, and more often than not the rear space will be used to stow extra gear, bags and whatever else you’re carrying.

The base model Beetle comes with Bluetooth, a trip computer, a performance gauge cluster  and keyless access. When you move up to the R-Line Beetle you get some extra goodies like bright red calipers, aluminum pedals and sport seats.

There’s a bunch of available extras like navigation, the Car-Net connectivity system, and retro style wheels if anyone’s looking for those features.

The latest Beetle is a fun and improved new ride that has styling that hints back to older models for those who like that sort of thing. It’s a good investment for someone just looking to get into a new Beetle, or someone looking for the upgrades, but owners of 2015 models may not want to make the upgrade just yet.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of TDI Clean Diesel Vehicle

August 31, 2015

Volskwagen is one of the most popular automakers currently offering TDI clean diesel vehicles in the United States, and their technology is slowly catching on as something that’s worth taking note of. Diesel vehicles have been around forever, but the latest diesel vehicles come with a lot of advantages that car buyers just aren’t realizing. It’s important to see all the good that this new technology has to offer before deciding whether diesel is right for you or not.

2015 VW Golf TDI

They’re Quiet

One major advantage of these diesel engines is that they’re so quite. Long gone are the days of diesel engines that rumbled and made a bunch of unpleasant noise while clattering down the road. Modern day TDI diesels are much more muffled than previous engines, and while they still put out more noise than your standard gasoline engine, it’s not going to be anything that disrupts interferes with your driving enjoyment.

They’re More Efficient

Diesel is a more efficient fuel source than gasoline is in general. It burns 30 percent more efficiently. When you combine this innate efficiency with the high levels of technology that go into modern diesel engines to keep them clean and bolster their efficiency you get an even more efficient engine that what can be achieved with gasoline. It’s possible to drive farther on a tank of diesel than you would ever expect to go with gasoline. Take a look at the 2015 VW Jetta TDI for instance, this full-sized family sedan is capable of travelling up to 46 miles along the highway on a single gallon of diesel. Try doing that with a standard gasoline powered engine, it just isn’t going to happen.

They’re Clean

The diesel vehicles of today are actually cleaner than gasoline vehicles. Many people are familiar with the clouds of black smoke and unpleasant smells emitted by older trucks from the 80’s or even 90’s. That’s a thing of the past though. Modern-day diesels are very clean compared to gasoline engines and they have systems in place to capture even more of the emissions before they leave the tailpipe. By buying a diesel vehicle you’ll actually be emitting less emissions into the environment than you would be with a traditional gasoline model.

You’ll Enjoy More Torque

One of the main reasons that trucks rely on diesel so often is because the engines produce more torque than gasoline versions do. This is particularly useful for hauling and pulling heavy loads, but it can make accelerating and climbing a large hill more effortless as well. Don’t be surprised if the TDI diesel vehicle you test out has more get-up-and-go than you expect.

The Bad

There are some disadvantages to the technology as well. One of the most notable downsides to diesel engines is that they tend to cost more than gasoline engines do. That means you’ll have to shell out more money for a diesel model. The vehicles also emit NOx, or nitrous oxide, but the pollutant is captured by advanced emission management systems today keeping this problem from being a real issue to worry about.

Overall diesel engines  have a lot more to offer today than they used to. Sure there are still a few downsides to getting this tech, but the overwhelming efficiency improvements that they have to offer, and the improved torque makes the technology more than worth it for many people.

Volkswagen is Going to Great Lengths to Remain Environmentally Sustainable

August 31, 2015

It’s no surprise that the automotive industry isn’t great for the world, but we continue to purchase new vehicles and demand more powerful, more feature rich and largely more capable cars, trucks and SUVs to come out each and every year. Many people strive to improve the environment without even realizing the impact that their own purchases make on the environment. Needless to say that companies like Volkswagen are left to figure out how to meet those demands while also reducing their impact on the environment. Part of this is because of federal MPG and emission mandates, but that’s not all. Most automakers legitimately want to help improve the environment as well, and Volkswagen is working quite hard to do its part.

volkswagen egolf

Reducing Vehicle Emissions

Volkswagen has plans to reduce vehicle emissions and fuel consumption by as much as 40% between 2010 and 2020. While we’re already tipping past the halfway point to that goal at present the company is still working hard to meet the reduction goal and strives to make incremental improvements each and every year. IN order to meet these lofty goals the automaker works hard to make a between 10% and 15% efficiency improvement to each model vehicle every new model year. The automaker isn’t just stopping at its 2020 goal though, it also has an overarching goal to create a lineup that’s 90% more efficient by 2050. Sure that’s nearly 35 years out from now, but such a lofty goal is going to take time, and it’s much more aggressive than many other automakers today.

Electrifying its Vehicles

Another way that Volkswagen is working to improve its lineups efficiency is by making hybrid and full electric versions of its current vehicles. The automaker has plans to electrify at least 40 different models and is already actively working on making those changes. To help its electric vehicles succeed Volkswagen is also going to invest $10 million into charging infrastructure around the country so there are places to actually power up those vehicles.

Emission Credits

Volkswagen works with 3degrees, a carbon offset broker to help improve the environment in other ways to offset the carbon produced during production. So for instance, the automaker might help fund the planting of so many trees per automobile that they produce. This funding goes to the aid of forest conservation and reforesting other sections of the earth. The efforts are closely monitored by third parties to ensure that carbon offset claims are accurate. When all the efforts Volkswagen is making to meet efficiency demands can’t keep up entirely the automaker relies on these carbon credits to make up the difference and to help reduce their environmental impact as well.

Volkswagen is going above and beyond what many other automakers today are doing to reduce its overall environment impact. As long as the company, and other automakers around the world keep working to make these improvements personal transportation will have less of an effect on the environment over time.


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