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Volkswagen Shows EV Support by Transforming its Transparent Factory

April 14, 2016

The transparent factory where the Volkswagen Phaeton was built is a wonder that people travel to see. Not only is it very cool, but it’s completely functional as well. Workers relied on efficient means to produce beautiful and highly effective vehicles at the plant in Dresden Germany, but it’s a plant no longer. Now it’s an exhibition for Electric Vehicles. Folks can travel to the facility to get a taste of EVs and where they are headed in the future. It’s a cool experience and was of course put in place to try and build up even more interest in electric vehicles than there already is today.

volkswagen dresden

Getting the Exhibition Ready

Preparing the facility to be used as an exhibition took just 10 days. During that time a bunch of informational stations were set up and a bunch of electric vehicles were brought in. The facility is certainly something that should continue to be used, and with its aesthetic appeal it’s the perfect location for a museum or learning center of sorts.

What You’ll See

Visitors to the learning center have access to 50 different stands all designed to teach something. Whether you want to learn how EVs work, or you simply enjoy learning about technology in general, there is a lot to look at in the center. You could walk around all day looking at the many exhibits to learn more about the brand, electric vehicles and technology that’s expected soon. But that’s not all you’ll enjoy while visiting the center, you can also test out some vehicles.

Visitors are also given a chance to make their own recommendations for new features and ways to improve technology. There is a video box available for anyone to speak on, and while visiting you could give the company its next big idea for a product or enhancement.

That’s right, there are many different electric vehicles available to test out while at the facility. This is of course to help familiarize potential customers with electric vehicles and how they operate. It’s a lot easier to get excited about an electric car if you know how it’s going to drive and what you can expect. Most people expect electric vehicles to be slow and to perform poorly. Driving one is a much different experience that can help dash any negative expectations.

Future Plans for the Facility

While it will continue to serve as an ambassador for electric technology, the facility will also likely be used for some small-scale electric vehicle construction in the future as well. There’s a possibility that the construction could also serve as a learning tool for visitors, while helping Volkswagen release modern vehicles for sale around the world. These will likely be sold in the luxury segment, so don’t expect to see any e-Golf models rolling off the assembly line here.

Volkswagen Automatic Braking is on the Horizon

March 30, 2016

If automatic braking and other auto safety technologies excite or intrigue you, you’ll be happy to know that by 2020 all the Volkswagen vehicles will come standard with them. That means if you buy a 2020 or 2021 VW vehicle you’ll get things like automatic braking and adaptive cruise control to help make driving safer and more enjoyable for you.


How the Tech Works

The technology relies on sensors to figure out when a possible collision is likely and helps you avoid it. These sensors scan the road out in front of the vehicles as well as behind and on the sides of the vehicle. They can spot potential issues out on the roadways and help you figure out exactly how to respond to them. The technology won’t eliminate all accidents or problems, but it can at least reduce them a bit.

Buying it Today

If you don’t want to wait for the technology to turn into a standard feature, and you want to enjoy safer driving conditions right away that’s an option that is available with many VW vehicles. While it isn’t standard, you can pay extra to have tech and safety packages added to many Volkswagen vehicles. When you pay for this you get things like adaptive cruise control and automatic braking to help mitigate accidents. The tech will help you avoid most serious accidents that don’t involve another vehicle, and it can also reduce the incidence of rear end collisions and other problems that could occur if you weren’t paying close attention to the road or driving while tired.

Safer Roadways

Volkswagen isn’t the only automaker that’s pledged to do this. Most of the automakers that have vehicles in the United States have agreed to make the technology standard on their vehicles by 2020. That means that the roads are going to be very different come 2020, and even more by 2030 when most drivers have switched over to new vehicles with advanced safety tech. It’s likely that accidents will drop down in a huge surge and roads will be much safer to drive around on. When both vehicles involved in a potential collision have software to help reduce the problem the crash can be prevented entirely or kept to a very slow and slight impact.

This should be exciting to anyone interested in roadway safety and vehicle technology, but you’ll still have to wait for this technology to become standard if you don’t want to pay the higher option prices when buying your vehicle. It’s likely that the costs of this technology will add to the price of the vehicles as well, but with it rolled up into every car price the rise likely won’t be as much as it is with the option packages.

Introducing the American VW Alltrack

March 22, 2016

Two years after its original release in Europe the VW Alltrack is now on American soil. It debuted at the 2016 New York Auto Show and it has a lot to offer to drivers interested in getting their hands on a classy Golf hatch.

2017 volkswagen alltrack

Rugged Drive Characteristics

The VW Alltrack is based off of the estate version of the Golf and it gets .78 inches of greater ground clearance and a Haldex-5 coupling for improved off-road handling. It comes with 4Motion all-wheel drive for enhanced traction during inclimate weather, but it only offers split power between front and back when it senses poor traction, otherwise the Alltrack keeps most of the power up front for enhanced efficiency.

Classy Exterior Look

When looking at the Alltrack from the outside the 17-inch alloy wheels stand out prominently. Each of the rear mirros are painted with a classy silver tone, and there’s a chrome accent strip at the front of the car and along either side to brighten its look up. Of course the vehicle comes with a set of anodized roof rails for affixing luggage, skis and other items conveniently.

Interior Comfort

The interior of the Alltrack comes with supple leatherette as standard and a set of aluminum pedal covers for a classy look. Each of the door sills comes with Alltrack branding and minor mood lighting.

The Alltrack is set to come with a 1.8 liter four cylinder engine, offering a total of 170 HP, and it’s going to be coupled to a dual-clutch transmission to start off with. Down the road Volkswagen plans on offering the vehicle with a 5-speed manual as well for enthusiasts.

Any Volkswagen fan looking for a more rugged version of the Golf will undoubtedly fall in love with the Alltrack. Sure it’s not designed for tough off-roading courses, but it offers improved storage capabilities, slightly more ground clearance and roof racks to hold your extra cargo for whatever trips you plan on taking.

Why the Volkswagen Passat is an Excellent Teen Car

March 14, 2016

When your teen is old enough to begin driving it’s not only an exciting period but also a stressful one. Driving is a huge responsibility and it’s important to make sure that your children have the right tool for the job. Picking out your child’s first vehicle isn’t a task to take lightly, and that’s why it makes sense to research and pick out something reliable and safe like the 2016 Volkswagen Passat. The vehicle is regularly voted as one of the top new cars for a teen driver because it’s fuel efficient, it’s safe, it’s spacious and relatively affordable as well.

2016 volkswagen passat

Fuel Efficient

Most teens don’t have the money to pay to drive gas guzzlers around regularly. That’s why the 2016 Volkswagen Passat is a strong contender for a teen daily driver. It gets about 25 MPG in the city and a very nice 38 MPG on the highway. For regular highway drivers the Passat is a real value car.

Safe Driving

Every parent wants to put their teen into a safe vehicle, and the Volkswagen Passat certainly fits that description. It received a 5-Star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and also received a favorable rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The car is proven to be safe to drive around and offer protection even during a nasty fender bender.

Large and Spacious

Whether you just want your teen to have plenty of padding during an impact, or you want him to have space for friends to ride along as well, there is plenty of room within the 2016 Volkswagen Passat. It seats up to five passengers, but four adults can all ride in the vehicle comfortably. That’s not something that you can say about many other cars marketed to teen drivers, and it’s a major perk for the teen that will be driving around some friends or family members.


At around $22,000 the 2016 Passat is very affordable for a brand new car. It’s something that you can buy your child without spending a fortune and it’s going to offer good reliable performance for the money. Not only that but Volkswagen vehicles are known for their dependability, so repairs won’t cost as much either.

As a parent it makes a lot of sense to pick out the 2016 Volkswagen Passat as your child’s first vehicle.  It’s not very sporty or flashy, but it’s dependable, efficient and can be relied upon to get your child where he needs to go. In the end that’s what really matters.

The 2016 Volkswagen Golf Gets 5 Stars from NHTSA

March 10, 2016

Most automakers today care about safety ratings and strive to get top ratings from both the IIHS (International Institute for Highway Safety) and the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) but the goals are one thing and real world results are another. That’s why it’s exciting when an automaker like Volkswagen manages to get top 5-star safety ratings from the NHTSA for a compact vehicle like the 2016 Golf. Several Golf models scored very well on the safety tests from the NHTSA, which is impressive since high scores are more difficult to achieve with compact cars than they are full-sized trucks and SUVs.

2016 vw golf

What Goes Into a 5 Star Rating?

When the NHTSA gives out a 5-star rating, the organization looks at how a vehicle handles rolling over, taking a major hit up front and taking a major hit from the side. During each of these tests a set of specialized crash dummies are kept in the vehicle and equipped with sensors used to detect the different impact forces on the vehicle and any potential damage done to the passengers and driver.

The NHTSA looks at the total damage done to the vehicle during these crashes and then determines how well the vehicle protected its passengers overall. So whether you roll a Golf over, crash into a tree, or get hit on the side by a driver asleep at the wheel, you’ll enjoy top level protection when riding behind the wheel of a 2016 Golf.

What Volkswagen had to Say

Volkswagen was pleased with the NHTSA’s results and Joerg Sommer, the VP of Marketing at VW America had this to say.

“Volkswagen is delighted that the Golf family models have earned the highest 5-star overall crash test rating from the government—providing further validation that Volkswagen produces some of the safest vehicles in the industry”

Buying a Safe Car

If you’re looking for a car to commute in or to transport your small family around you probably want something that’s proven to be safe to do the job. That’s why the 2016 Volkswagen Golf family of cars is worth consideration. These modern cars are known for having excellent user features and for being outfitted with leading technologies, but now they’re known for being safe as well. Not only that but they can be outfitted with additional safety features like frontal crash sensors and lane change warning systems to help you stay safe while out on the road.

The New Volkswagen SportWagen Limited Trim Just Makes Sense

March 2, 2016

The Volkswagen SportWagen is a highly capable vehicle that’s designed for versatility and comfort. It’s really a modern-day station wagon with all the benefits that you would expect from such a vehicle. The level of features and comfort that you get from this vehicle really depends on what you’re willing to spend. Originally it was tough getting just the right level of features because the base S model was so much more affordable than the next step up SE model, but Volkswagen recently added in a Limited model that slots in between the two and offers an excellent compromise for value-minded customers.

2016 vw golf sportwagen

Why the Limited Makes So Much Sense

Many buyers will be hesitant to upgrade from the $22,445 SportWagen S to the $27,845 SE model. Those same buyers will likely be more comfortable bumping up the price to $25,815 for a wide range of added features that you get with the Limited trim level. The price increase seems very small compared to all the added functionality and convenience of the vehicle, and that means Volkswagen is much more likely to get some upgrade buyers.

You Get a Lot More Than You Might Realize

When you decide to spend the extra money for the Limited version of the SportWagen you get a bunch of extra features that you won’t get on the S model of the vehicle. As far as looks go you’ll have bigger 17-inch wheels as well as a panoramic sunroof and chrome trim around the windows, but that’s not where the upgrade stops. You also get a whole range of safety features like adaptive cruise, forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking. There are plenty of convenience features too like push-button start, windshield wiper nozzles and heated seats. Overall you get a whole lot for the small $2000 ish price increase that you’ll experience when moving from the S Model to the Limited SportWagen.

The Limited SportWagen gives you nearly everything that the SE does, other than the advanced sound system, and to most people it’s going to be an excellent value upgrade that just makes a lot more sense while remaining in a more comfortable budget.

2016 Volkswagen Vehicles Get High Safety Marks from IIHS

February 24, 2016

The International Institute for Highway Safety is a huge name in the automotive industry. This organization is responsible for testing most of the automobiles sold to the public to make sure that they are safe to drive around. Vehicles that score poorly in the tests administered by this organization are more dangerous to drive around in, while the top scorers are worth considering simply for the added safety that they provider to their passengers. Volkswagen received a bunch of top ratings for most of its care lineup, a fact that should excite anyone considering a Volkswagen vehicle, and convince a few others to at least give them a look. If you’re looking for a safe way to get around, you could do far worse than a proven Volkswagen car.

2016 VW Jetta

What the IIHS Top Safety Pick + Rating Means

The very highest rating that the IIHS gives out is the Top Safety Pick +. In order to receive this rating vehicles go through a series of harsh tests to see how well they can avoid trouble in the first place, and how well they hold up to severe damage when forced into a crash situation. The Volkswagen Jetta, Passat and Golf all held up remarkably during a battery of different tests, and each received the highest designation available.

The Successful Vehicles

If you’re just reading this article to find out which of Volkswagen’s vehicles scored highly, here’s a quick list for you to scan over.

2016 Volkswagen IIHS Top Safety Pick + Vehicles

  • The Jetta
  • The Passat
  • Golf SportWagen
  • Golf 4-Door
  • Golf GTI 4-Door

Each of the models above received the highest designation and you can feel confident if you’re planning on buying any of them. They come with proactive driving sensors that help slow the vehicle before an impact, and are designed with reinforced frames that can handle major impacts capably.

Volkswagen has come up with a fine balance between crash mitigation and a durable build to produce cars that can be relied upon out on the road. Give one of their 2016 models a try and feel confident that you’ll be safe while travelling down the road.


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